What are the mediocrities of Microsoft Windows

Microsoft plans to buy Discord for over $ 10 billion

Has Microsoft learned anything from messing Skype? Will you soon be able to use this knowledge in Discord to make the service even more successful?

In view of the mediocrity and the success of the Surface Duo, one could answer this question with “no”, after all, the group only wrote off Nokia's entire smartphone division a few years ago.

Apparently, the limitation period for Skype at Microsoft has now occurred, because the group would like to integrate more than 10 billion US dollars into a leading desktop messenger. The new victim? Discord.

According to information from Bloomberg, the New York Times and Venture Beat, discussions about a takeover have been held between Discord and Microsoft. However, these are by no means advanced and Amazon, Epic Games and other interested parties are of course also available. For the service, the company can definitely expect a sum in the double-digit billions.

Discord is also currently investigating the possibility of going public. According to insider information, this route currently appears to be more likely.

Discord is a popular messenger that is often used for group chats. The service is particularly popular in the gaming community. So much so that the service has also been integrated into Xbox. The company had received $ 140 million in funding last year, bringing the total value of Discord to over $ 7 billion. According to reports, Discord is expected to generate around $ 100 million in annual revenue through the service's paid features.

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Source: Bloomberg