What does LEAN do with BPM

Business Process Management (BPM)

The English term Business process management, short BPM, is translated in German as business process management. First and foremost, it is a methodology for defining, documenting and managing all process processes in an organization and their interfaces to external stakeholders such as customers and suppliers. The BPM therefore deals with all operational processes, taking into account the question: "Who does what, when, how and with what?"

Business process optimization
A central task of business process management is to initiate processes to optimize business processes. Basically, in all companies there are processes in which activities and tasks are processed, passed on and completed. This information is often documented in process descriptions. However, process descriptions do not automatically serve to make processes better. An important task of the GPM is therefore to make informal processes visible, which obstruct and prevent processes and thus cause errors and costs in the overall process.

Objective of business process management
The goal of successful business process management is to use all information from the business processes positively in order to achieve company goals as efficiently and effectively as possible

The aim of BPM is to use all the information available in a company on its own business processes in order to align with the customer and, as a result, to better achieve the company's goals.