Should I switch to medicine as a major?

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Can someone give me tips on a double degree in medicine and psychology? I will start studying medicine next year and am considering whether I can start psychology on the side. Do you then have to apply separately for psychology, or is it also possible to do the certificates on the side?

I would be very happy about a few tips
Charlie Brown :-)

Sorry, but I'm afraid it is not possible to study medicine + psychology in parallel in Germany. Both are ZVS courses and unfortunately you can only take one of them. However, subjects with no admission restrictions in addition to medicine are usually possible.


Sure, Zoidberg?

It's been a long time since a fellow student of mine started studying dentistry and human medicine in Hamburg at the same time.
Both courses were approved by the ZVS.

Has anything changed there, was it different "in the past"?


is it possible that this is possible if you want to do mkg surgery?

Otherwise, I can only advise against taking a second degree in psychology, at least at the beginning you should be sufficiently familiar with medicine. later this may be possible without any problems, but just start first before you add a second one.

thanks for your answers, maybe you're right and I'll start with medicine first ...

Happy New Year

Charlie Brown

hello charlie brown!

so you should really think about the double degree! I can only agree with the other opinions. I started this semester with medicine and already don't know where my head is. Free time is zero, fun is zero. live zero.
one of our profs said to us at the beginning:
"do you have a dog? bring it to the shelter. do you have a friend? shoot him / her. you don't have time for that anyway" what i smiled at at first is now the gray one ( sig) e everyday.
when I imagine I would have to do something else ... unbelievable!
but they tell me after the physics it will get better with time. maybe you should really start one first, see how it goes and if you are still bored, you can always do it ...

I wish you success!

Hey Jeanny,

In the meantime I've also heard that you can't study 2 ZVS subjects at the same time ... then not.

You are probably right and I should start one first. .. But I don't bring my dog ​​to the shelter, never !!

Don't let yourself get down and just take the time you need for yourself from time to time, that's more important than any degree. After that you can strike again all the better. Always works for me.

Charlie Brown

That with the 2 ZVS subjects at the same time probably worked in the past. But it is no longer even possible for prospective maxillofacial surgeons. They have to do it _ one after the other_.

But what is possible: A ZVS subject and a non-ZVS subject in parallel. I did it myself. However, it is highly recommended to start the two subjects at different times. I started medicine after 6 semesters of physics behind me. And that with dog / girlfriend / etc. is total nonsense. In the first semesters, you simply learn to manage your time well. Then a double degree is also easy.


So there are 2 with me in the semester who are studying medicine and psychology at the same time.
How exactly that works, I don't know, I just heard that they had to submit timetables for the entire preclinical department to the dean's office, as they imagined it to be in terms of time.

And then they approved it and now it works ...

Hmm - maybe this is now possible via the university quota, for which the universities can choose themselves. But that differs from university to university. Another one should climb through ...


There are two different courses in psychology with different degrees:
The diploma course is distributed through the ZVS, the master’s course directly through the university.
Perhaps this is the possibility in question to study medicine and psychology at the same time ...

For a master’s degree you need a total of three subjects, a major and two minor subjects. I checked it at, and the university only offers psychology / Magister as a minor subject.

For my part, I am sure that my workload is very good with the medical degree - may I start first - but still I ask myself which major subject other than psychology makes sense in the background of a medical degree?

Why do you want to study psychology at all? If you want to become a psychotherapist, you can, however, become your specialist in psychotherapy / psychosomatics !? Or do you want to become a not purely biologically oriented psychiatrist?

i actually find every minor subject to medicine a meaningful thing. you simply expand your horizons, which is unlikely to harm most doctors. maybe you even get a little contact with non-medics :-D
but it's a little stressful.

I found that studying psychology was not without it and now I can't laugh at all about the subsequent medical degree ...

In psychology I could definitely hope for good grades, now it's all about passing. That's damn sad! I also think (also from a psychological point of view) that they don't make it wise with the medical degree: All at once, a lot, very quickly ... that's all just for some kind of short-term storage, it's just a test of suitability for stress , for later...

I think this course is very, very, very gritty. I really don't care who likes all the performance tests: Hey guys, it's not about who is better, but about helping people.

Sorry, I wanted to say ...

Hey patty,

in the phase that people should be helped, I was once ...
The only question is which ...

What does it actually look like: Psychology is slowly but surely becoming a bachelor's / master's degree with admission through universities. That would be a way to study both, wouldn't it? :-nothing

yes exactly, I think that would work then. only because psychology, like so many things, is now undergoing a radical change in the bachelor's degree, nobody knows exactly what is going to happen ... I already asked about this at the university and it said "nothing exactly you don't know" ...

For example, there are universities on the internet that supposedly switch to autumn, that in fact cannot do it ... all very confusing.

but with a master's degree, you can also go into clinical psychology, right?

Is 100% possible - I've got a fellow student here to do it. However, she only started studying medicine when she was already in her main degree in psychology.

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