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Almost 500 (!!!) films leave Amazon Prime Video: From brutal horror highlight to family film

Comedies, dramas, thrillers and wild action - films and series from various genres cavort on Amazon Prime Video - a great many. In addition, subscribers are regularly replenished and the watchlist can be topped up almost daily.

However, one should always keep an eye on the films and series that will soon disappear from the streaming platform. And in the next 30 days that will be quite a lot again! We'll give you an overview of the pearls that you should see as soon as possible, before it's too late ...

›› These 487 films will soon disappear from Amazon Prime Video *

Some of the films already have an exact expiry date, for others the deadline has not yet been set.

Some highlights - including our FILMSTARTS rating, in which we distribute up to 5 stars - we have compiled for you in the following list. In addition, of course, we want to draw your attention to many films with which you can really get in the Christmas mood and which are fun for the whole family.

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These film highlights are about to leave Amazon Prime Video

"No Country For Old Men" - Exciting thriller from the Coen brothers with top cast (4.5 stars)

"Halloween" - David Gordon Green's shocker from 2018 got four stars from us! (4 stars)

"Bad Boys ll" - Will Smith and Martin Lawrence as tough cops (3 stars)

"Beverly Hills Cop" - a round of 80s humor with Eddie Murphy (4.5 stars)

"Jack Reacher" - classic action thriller with Tom Cruise and Rosamund Pike (3.5 stars)

"American Psycho" - Christian Bale as one of the most famous fictional sadists of all time (3 stars)

"Wonder Boys" - We gave the tragic comedy with Michael Douglas 5 stars! (5 Stars)

"The Company" - a real classic by Sydney Pollack with Tom Cruise (4.5 stars)

"Collateral" - Exciting thriller classic by Michael Mann that you have to see (4.5 stars)

"Mid90s" - Jonah Hill's perfect directorial debut on the L.A. '90s skater scene (4 stars)

Don't miss these family movies on Prime

"Madagascar" - three "Madagascar" animated films leave Amazon Prime Video (3.5 stars)

"Good Bye, Lenin!" - Daniel Brühl brings the GDR to life for his mother (4 stars)

"Cast Away" - Tom Hanks as modern Robinson Crusoe (4.5 stars)

"Jumanji" - Robin Williams experiences adventure in a magical board game (3 stars)

"Departure to the moon" - a small step for Ryan Gosling, a great film for us! (4.5 stars)

"Hugo Cabret" - Martin Scorsese's fairytale film adaptation of the past and the future (4.5 stars)

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