Have you ever eaten muesli bars?

9 healthy snacks for food cravings

This is how you resist the sweet sins in between

Cravings are ruthless. Usually it comes around the corner quickly and unexpectedly, and then we have the salad - or rather: chips, chocolate and Co. We know that sugar bombs and fatty snacks are neither particularly healthy nor help catapult you out of your afternoon slump we probably all.

Do not despair, salvation is near! We have scoured our selection of healthy snacks for you and put together our 9 favorites with which you can skilfully slow down any small feelings of hunger in between.

Are you looking for healthy snacks for the office or for work? Et voilĂ ! The colorful summer rolls contain many healthy ingredients such as carrots, cucumber, mango, radishes, avocado and cress, and are therefore not only suitable as healthy snacks for in between meals, but also for a light lunch.

Quickly made, packed with valuable nutrients and the perfect healthy snacks to take away - these are Bliss Balls. The cashews contained provide plenty of energy thanks to their healthy fats, cocoa and dates ensure a sweet-chocolate taste.

It caught up with you again, the famous hole in your stomach, and now you want nothing more than a portion of french fries? Why not, I say! Instead of potatoes, just choose a low-calorie vegetable, like turnips in this case, and you're good to go. However, avoid rich dips and prefer a lighter variant such as low-fat yogurt.

How many times have you bought muesli bars in the supermarket as a small weapon against possible food cravings, only to find out that they contain as much sugar as the chocolate bar? My tip: Make muesli bars and other healthy snacks yourself. So you can control the amount of ingredients and nutrients and know exactly where you are. You can start right away with our recipe for vegan granola bars.

The feeling when I tried kale chips for the first time was like some kind of revelation - why did I ever eat potato chips or something like that? Kale chips are (in my opinion) not only a thousand times more delicious than the usual fatty potato chips, they are also the perfect snacks for the evening, for example if you have planned a movie night with friends. Try it out right now!

Sure, chocolate chip cookies are great and I would never say no if someone offered me the sweet snack straight out of the oven - but they are not recommended as a bridge for a cravings attack. Instead, try these healthy cookies with chia seeds, flax seeds, oatmeal, goji berries and white almond butter, which are guaranteed to keep you full for a while.

The next cravings creeps up on you, you react immediately and diligently donate carrots, peppers and other vegetables that you can get your hands on - that's a good thing! But you don't want to do without a creamy component entirely? Then try this chickpea yogurt dip! The protein-rich cream will fill you up quickly and sustainably, and also goes wonderfully with light crackers, such as these:

Chia seeds, flax seeds, sesame seeds and sunflower seeds - these crackers contain the full power of the grains! In our recipe, we give the crispy snacks with dried basil and oregano an intense taste; you can of course use any spice you like or have on hand.

Your patron saint for long office days: these little balls of energy with oat flakes, hazelnuts, sunflower seeds, dates, dried apricots, dried cranberries and cocoa powder are prepared in no time and will save you from any afternoon low.

What snacks do you swear by against cravings? Write us in the comments!

Published on August 22, 2019