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#inFreiburgzuhause is of course dependent on the audience from home. As a spectator, it is up to you to support organizers and artists with voluntary contributions and at the same time to ensure that there are even more events!

Culture also has to be financed! Appreciate the cultural landscape in Freiburg by making a voluntary contribution! Because this also depends above all on the support of its audience!

Participate as

The concept developed by the Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau as the source of ideas with the FWTM and Kulturaggregat e.V. makes high-quality events from the Freiburg venues possible again.

Sparkasse, FWTM, Dr. Falk Pharma, Lexware, SC Freiburg and Rotary Club Freiburg are providing funding for the program and the technical implementation to enable you as a venue to plan events with artists in your houses and technicians for the transmission of the live To order streams.

Here we go!

Financial support

As a promotable organizer, you will receive a flat rate for the exploitation rights of live streams on #inFreiburgzuhause to organize concerts / appearances / shows.

The amount is staggered according to the visitor capacity of your venue - between 2,000 and 3,000 euros to settle fixed, technology and streaming costs as well as artists' fees (on VHB).

  • Capacity up to 99 visitors: 2,000 euros net
  • Capacity from 100 to 199 visitors: 2,500 euros net
  • Capacity from 200 visitors: 3,000 euros net

Through the financial support of the audience during and 48 hours after the live streaming, 40% of the money goes into the funding pot for further events.


Broadcast slots

A high quality event - in terms of content and technology - is a prerequisite. The aim is to create a live atmosphere and associate the impression of being together in the “virtual space” of the cultural center on site. #inFreiburgzuwohnungen is not a platform for inflationary mass streaming.

A program should take place in a venue every 4 days and be broadcast live. In this way we can achieve the necessary attention of the audience at home (taking into account other live broadcasts, e.g. on the Internet and on television). There is enough time for reasonable announcement in the media and channels of the initiators and sponsors, the venues and artists, social media and word of mouth.

Technical requirements

No cell phone cameras! If possible, television level with at least two (for solo artists) or three professional cameras (for several artists) and a professional editing suite as well as audio technology from the desk and streaming on the Vimeo channel #inFreiburgzuhause.

LAN (no W-LAN!) With upload at least 5 Mbit / sec at the location / cultural center

Legal situation: Live streaming during Corona times

The production of a concert live stream is still possible since December 16 and in January even after the tightened Corona Regulation has been issued.
We recommend the following rules of conduct for your productions:
  • Please always adhere to the AHA-L rules!
  • Please take measures to reduce contact in the company (§ 2 Corona-ArbSchV) RS_T_7021_Anlage
  • Please check carefully which people are really necessary for the production. Please send any other parties not involved home.
  • Please reduce the simultaneous use of rooms to the absolutely necessary minimum.
  • In rooms that are used at the same time, at least 10 square meters per person must be available.
  • Please provide medical face masks or FFP2 masks (Section 3 Corona-ArbSchV) if the above measures cannot be maintained at a minimum distance of 1.5 meters and / or if there is a risk of increased aerosol emissions.
  • Please always inform yourself independently about infection protection and ArbSchV. #inFreiburgzuhause cannot legally assume any responsibility for compliance with these. This lies with the organizer / the venue.
General information on the current corona ordinance:
Gatherings that serve to maintain the work, service or business operations of a concert venue are exempt from the five-person rule according to the state ordinance and are still permitted. The reference to the admissibility of live streaming offers is also described in the FAQ of the state government.
Since it is also permitted to leave one's home at any time to pursue professional or official activities (between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m.: Section 1c (1) no.5; between 8 and 5 p.m.: Section 1c (2) no.5), People who take part in production for professional and / or official reasons are not covered by the exit restrictions. You are allowed to drive home from your place of work (concert venue) after 8 p.m. The staff present during production for professional or official reasons should, however, be reduced to the absolutely necessary minimum.
People who are not involved in the production of the live stream for professional or official reasons (e.g. fans, guests, friends, etc.) are therefore still not allowed to attend the recording, nor are they from the above-mentioned exceptions to the exit restrictions detected.

Your letter of application

Freiburg venues are called upon to plan events in their houses:

  • They ask artists, plan events and negotiate independently how the financial resources from the aid program and, after the event has been carried out, the proceeds from the voluntary contributions for their cooperation will be divided.
  • They require technology service providers for live streaming (2 cameras for solo artists, 3 cameras for several artists; audio and editing suite).
  • You briefly present your event and technology concept, apply for a broadcast slot on the platform and sell a right to exploit the live streaming to #inFreiburgzuhause in the amount of the financial resources staggered according to capacity.

The organizers of #inFreiburgzuhause (Sparkasse Freiburg-Nördlicher Breisgau, FWTM Freiburg + Pop-Support Freiburg and Kulturaggregat e.V.) decide on the allocation of broadcasting slots and the acquisition of exploitation rights and plan the event dates with the venues.

Invoices for exploitation rights will be issued after the event (and quality control has taken place).