Why should we thank God

Many Christians thank God. We do this in everyday and very special situations. Mostly in silence, less often in front of others and even less often in front of the whole community.

We thank you because we are moved, because we become aware of how close Jesus is to us and with what self-evident and perseverance he accompanies us every day - participates in our life, supports us, shows us a good direction.

In the feeling of gratitude we are full of happiness, joy and love because we understand that Jesus is really with us.

Because Jesus does us so good, because Jesus' presence strengthens us and makes us happy, we want to communicate. It is the enthusiasm that drives us to say "Thank you, Jesus" in front of others, because we cannot and do not want to be alone with our joy!

We also believe that it is good when others hear about Jesus' present ministry, because we also want this support for our closest people. And the more people live with Jesus, the more loving, meaningful and sustainable it can be in our world.Jesus can unite us humans.

Thanking Jesus online here on the Internet should also show anyone who happens to come by here by chance or consciously that Jesus actually exists. How else could we all talk about it.

In this way we can also set standards, for example for people who

- of Jesus Christ so far
haven't heard anything yet.

- have not heard of Jesus Christ,
that could impress her.

- are enthusiastic about Jesus Christ,
but so far nobody has
with whom you can share this joy.

- know about Jesus, maybe even baptized, but have simply not yet experienced a revelation.

- are unhappy and seek support.

- who are looking for God and think that they have somehow not yet found him.

If we now thank Jesus loudly - or even online -, the contributions make it clear that Jesus is always to be reckoned with, that Jesus Christ, this power of love on earth, is at work, and that it is helpful and serving in so many ways at all times , supportive in our life.

"Encourage one another with psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, sing and play to the Lord in your heart and give thanks to God the Father always for everything, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ. Ephesians 5:19

Let yourself be invited to say “Jesus, thank you!” Here today!