What are the best tool kits

Tool case put to the test: Equipped for every repair?

With a well-stocked tool case, repairs and work in the apartment, in the house or in the garden can be done by yourself in no time at all. Read here how current models fare in the test and which tool case is the right one for your purposes.

Tool case put to the test: Equipped for every repair?
Tool case put to the test: Equipped for every repair?

The range of tool cases on the market is huge. We subjected eight popular models from different manufacturers to a test for between 100 and 250 euros *. The sets were tested, among other things, for the composition, quality and workmanship of the tools and their suitability for use in the house.

Tool case in the test: The following criteria were evaluated

In the test, the ten tool cases were rated by an expert, the carpenter and architect Gunnar Brand, in the following categories:

  • Compilation: Which tools is the tool case equipped with? Are they suitable for everyday household use? Are there any unusable or superfluous tools in the case?
  • Ergonomics: Are the tools in general and the tool handles in particular user-friendly, so that no bubbles form during longer work and the force used can be optimally used?
  • Processing: The tools in the case should be free of sharp edges. This is the only way to keep the risk of injury within limits. At the same time, the material and workmanship should be of high quality so that the practical helpers can be used for many years.
  • Sorting: Are the tools stored in the case safely and within easy reach?

The test procedure in detail

First step in the test procedure: visual inspection of the ten tool cases. What tools are available? Are they clearly and sensibly stowed in the suitcase? Then five standard jobs were carried out with the tool and assessed: Gunnar Brand turned screws into a piece of wood with a screwdriver and tested the ergonomics and accuracy of fit of the wrenches and socket wrenches with a carriage bolt. He also inspected the side blades, the combination pliers and the hammer. Another criterion in the test: How could the tool be removed from the case and put back in?

The winners at a glance

Test winner: Meister tool case, 121 pieces

The tool case from Meister made it to first place in the large tool case test: The plastic-aluminum case (46 x 32 x 14 centimeters) is very clear, the individual tools can be removed in no time and thanks to the practical labeling in the Suitcases are quickly sorted again after the work is done. The tools themselves are well made and made to fit perfectly and are comfortable to hold. The connections on the socket wrench and the bits do not wobble. According to experts, the number of 121 parts is ideal for every hobbyist: All the tools that are part of the basic equipment are available.

Plus point: The case contains a key for venting the heating - very useful! The only downside is that the spirit level is too small. But Meister has packed an LED light in the suitcase to illuminate dark work surfaces. For around 175 euros *, occasional craftsmen can get a great work set with the master tool case!

Price-performance winner: Brüder Mannesmann aluminum tool case, 108 pieces

Our price-performance winner is the tool case from Brüder Mannesmann for around 90 euros *. It impressed with an excellent selection of tools; it contains a total of 108 parts in a compact and clear case (34 x 45 x 13 centimeters). There is also space for other tools such as screws, nails and dowels.

The tools impressed with their workmanship and quality. You only need to be careful with the pliers: their edges are a bit sharp. The professional also discovered two small weak points: the tools could not be easily removed from the loops or Velcro fasteners and since the case is hardly weight, it quickly falls over when the sorting aid is folded down. Reason: There are no heavy equipment as a counterweight on the floor. Conclusion: The product from Brüder Mannesmann is a well-assorted tool set for occasional craftsmen at an unbeatable price.

Quality winner:Projahn universal tool case, 149 pieces

The universal tool case from Projahn was clearly ahead in terms of quality in the test. Its contents are of very high quality: the tools fit perfectly in the hand, the accuracy of fit of the socket wrenches and bits couldn't be better. All of them can be easily taken out of the case.