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Elin Nordegren: "I went through hell"

In her first interview after her husband Tiger Woods' sex scandal, Elin Nordegren describes her point of view and emphasizes that she had no idea of ​​his numerous affairs

It must have been the worst time of her life: for months Elin Nordegren got her husband Tiger Woods' affairs in the headlines every day, more and more lovers and spicy details appeared. The extent of the affairs will probably never come to light, the gossip magazine "National Enquirer" speaks of around 120 lovers that golf pro Tiger Woods is said to have admitted during his therapy.

Last Monday, Elin Nordegren was finally released: The divorce is over and custody of the two children Sam and Charlie is shared. After nine months of silence, Elin turned to the press for the first time. The US celebrity magazine "People" will publish an exclusive interview with the betrayed ex-wife this coming Friday (August 27).

Above all, it is a question that the 30-year-old will ask herself again and again: "How could I not have noticed any of this?". She felt so stupid as more and more details came to light. "The word fraud is too weak, my whole world has collapsed," stresses Elin. She is so embarrassed that she never suspected anything. She felt exposed and betrayed by many people around her.

In the unusually frank interview, the Swedish model says about the time after the affairs became known: "I've gone through hell. It's hard to believe you have this life and then all of a sudden everything was a lie?"

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She did not want to comment on the severance details of her divorce, but she rejects the accusation that she wanted to beat her husband with a golf club as "really ridiculous".

Despite all the pain, Elin Nordegren is optimistic about the future: "I feel stronger than ever. I have confidence in my beliefs, my decisions and myself." She has not lost her belief in love either: "I believe in love because I have experienced it myself."

Nevertheless, it should now be "just me and the children for a while", a new love is not in prospect at the moment. Elin Nordegren also reports on another change in her life: "I haven't seen a minute of golf since then".