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Soul singer in Vienna

A singer who sings beautifully and in a fascinating way can captivate everyone. That is why you can ensure the right atmosphere and give your event that certain something. At Eventzone you can find a singer for all occasions. Regardless of whether it should be a singer for a single title or whether you want to book a longer gig.

If you reserve a good soloist for your next party or event, there will be a lot of atmosphere and moments will be created that will not be easily forgotten. Here you can find a soloist from numerous genres and with many skills. Therefore you have the choice between musicians and singers and of course between artists who have mastered both.

Most of them like soul because it combines different genres such as gospel, jazz and R&B. This is why soul, which includes Motown, is a good choice when choosing a band for your celebration or event. Our soul bands play the hits of all well-known artists such as Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye and Barry White, but also those of the younger artists such as Prince, Seal and Amy Winehouse.

One of the most interesting & serious booking portals in the Alpine republic can be found at Eventzone, where you can book a soul singer for events and events for individuals and companies as well as for people of all ages.

This portal serves as a platform for exciting entertainers from all relevant categories, so that you only have to look in one place when looking for the perfect entertainment - mind you, you do not have to pay any processing fee or additional fees.

At Eventzone you will not find an artist agency, but a portal where the artists can be found in one place.

Register with us - the artists decided to do this because we have a lot of traffic from numerous customers who are still returning so that they can book our artists.

If you are looking for an artist in Vienna, we have a wide range of entertainment - regardless of whether it is musical contributions of all sizes and for all occasions, interesting speakers who can provoke and inspire their listeners through their storytelling, or a somewhat more unusual children's birthday party than a party with cake and cocoa or bowling.

15 years of experience with bookings in the entertainment industry distinguish the booking portal founder, and the intention is to create the most popular reservation system in Austria. Eventzone is not just content to be a portal between the customer and the artist, we are also active on YouTube and run a blog with suggestions and ideas for everything related to events and celebrations. In addition, there is also a growing community of Facebook users, the Eventzone and the many artists follow.

If you want to book an artist via Eventzone.at, you can search in the desired category for the type of artist, the price range and the postcode area of ​​the celebration or event. It is also important to remember that a booking is made directly with the artist, so that there are not expensive agents and you can discuss the special wishes and possibilities for the artist's appearance in advance, so that everything goes exactly as desired.

If you would like to register yourself as a soul singer on Eventzone, it is very likely that you will experience increased demand. You will then receive a free PRO membership from us for the first two months, with which you will be able to put videos, sound files and images and an extended profile text for your artist profile online. With videos on your profile, potential customers can view your appearances and decide at lightning speed whether you fit their event. Whether you are looking for entertainment for your next event or an artist, you should choose Eventzone.

You should choose Eventzone whether you are an artist or looking for entertainment for your next event.

There are three completely plausible reasons for this:

  • It's straightforward and simple.
  • It doesn't cost much - the artists are there for a symbolic monthly fee, and if you want to book you only have to pay what the artist costs. There are no increasing booking fees.
  • Events and good entertainment that make life more varied are important to us, and at the request of our Facebook fans and customers, we take up relevant topics via our blog and our Facebook community.

Eventzone is quite simply the direct route to the artist.