What is your favorite progressive metal band

Manuel Praxmarer

© Kevin Lesar
Age: 30
Favourite colour: purple
Favorite animal: Eagle
Favorite key: According to
Favorite song that nobody should know that I'm hearing:
Breakfast at Tiffany’s
Weight: ideal

Short biography: Born one dawn in the Alps. In the first years of life, intensive occupation with cows and the flora and fauna in the Tyrolean Alps. I almost became part of nature myself. But of course this is still part of me. But then it quickly went into the training system. That's where I have spent most of my life so far. This is also the time when my musical career began. This started in a metal band. This was followed by various band projects from progressive rock to funk and cover bands. In the course of time, some bands gathered in different constellations. I also did teaching. Here, for example, I gave drum workshops or ski courses. But this is still in Tyrol. How should it be otherwise ... ??? In Mannheim I got to know the other band members and we decided to start a band thatok thank you bye should be called. This should also make unicorn skirt and be totally colorful.