Where do baby spiders come from

Getting rid of small spiders in the house

They sit on the walls, in the corners, and where we can't see them. Spiders benefit humans, but if you want to get rid of them, you should proceed cautiously.

Spiders are comfortable with humans

Not everyone likes spiders, and certainly not in the house. With their eight legs, sometimes hairy bodies and maybe a cross on their back, they can cause disgust in people.

If it is a wolf spider, garden spider or quiver spider, it has probably come into the house from the garden, from the flower-filled terrace or balcony. The small and large eight-legged creatures do nothing to humans, sit silently in their place and only move when they prey. If spiders live in your home, you should be glad. Because then you will be warm and dry and there will be no bugs, silverfish, flies, mosquitoes and lice permanently. If you cultivate orchids and they sit between the leaves, the harmful fungus gnats have no chance. In addition, the nets are useful structures for people. Because bacteria, mites and pollutants get caught in them.

Get rid of the small and large animals

Since spiders are useful, catch them alive and get rid of them. To do this, take a glass and put the opening over the guest so that they remain unharmed and can no longer escape. Then slide a sheet of paper between the jar and the ground and the spider is trapped. It is important that you take your roommate outside undamaged and set him back far enough from the house so that he does not find his way back.

If none of this helps, you can remove the spider infestation with ultrasound. To do this, attach a special defense device to the socket. The emitted sound waves have a range of up to 45 square meters and are inaudible to humans. For the insect ears, however, the frequencies are unbearable and the animals leave the room permanently.

Prevention is the best defense

Especially in summer, small and large spiders come into the house through open windows and doors. On the other hand, grilles or mosquito nets that you can attach to windows and patio doors help. You should also seal the cracks between the door, window and frame.

Our photo show shows how you can recognize crawling animals in the apartment and in the garden.