What is a liability insurance certificate

§ 1 Necessity and proof of insurance cover

GHaKK (Law on Liability Insurance for Foreign Motor Vehicles and Motor Vehicle Trailers)

(1) Motor vehicles (including bicycles with auxiliary engines) and motor vehicle trailers that do not have a regular location in Germany may only be used on public roads or squares within the scope of this Act if for the keeper, the owner and the driver to cover the Personal injury and property damage caused by use are covered by liability insurance in accordance with Sections 2 to 6. (2)1The driver of the vehicle must carry a certificate from the insurer about liability insurance (insurance certificate). 2Upon request, it is to be handed over to the responsible official for examination. 3§ 8 a remains unaffected. (3) If there is no liability insurance corresponding to this law or if the driver of the vehicle does not carry the required insurance certificate with him, the owner of the vehicle may not order or allow the vehicle to be used on public roads or squares within the scope of this law is needed. (4)1If the required insurance certificate is missing when a vehicle enters the country, the border customs offices must reject it. 2If the defect becomes apparent during use, the vehicle can be secured until the certificate is presented. (5) Paragraphs 1 to 4 do not apply to vehicles of the foreign armed forces that are authorized to stay within the scope of this Act.

Status: March 1st, 2021
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