Why is there a dark network

: Parallel world: Dark Internet - this is how the Darknet works

The term Darknet comes up again and again in connection with crime. So the gunman from Munich is said to have obtained his weapon from the. The terrorists who killed 133 people in Paris in November 2015 are also said to have obtained the weapons from the secret Internet world.

But what is the Darknet actually?

The Internet and the World Wide Web are actually designed as open services in which anyone can exchange data with anyone. In the Darknet (dark network), shielded connections are established like in a kind of parallel universe, which cannot be easily accessed from the outside. Usually you need an invitation to get access to a darknet.

How did the Darknet develop?

Traditionally there is a close connection between illegal file sharing networks and the Darknet. Stolen access to video services such as Netflix and Amazon, but also stolen credit card numbers or PayPal access are offered there today. But raids also show that the remote corner of the Internet is also about serious crimes such as illegal drug or arms trafficking.

How does that work technically?

Many users use the Tor network to access the “Net of Darkness”. However, Tor is also used by those who have a completely legitimate interest in protected communication, such as human rights activists or users in unjust states. Tor stands for "The Onion Router" and is offered as free open software that can be used to find your way through thousands of volunteer computers. The data is wrapped in one encryption after the other and then freed again, hence the name comparison with the onion (onion). Supervisors can hardly reconstruct where the call to a particular website came from. (red / dpa)