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This is how you determine the value of your film memorabilia

Updated by Laura - In collaboration with Barbara Bieshaar I July 15, 2020

From small action figures to life-size replicas: Owning an item from your favorite movie is a real passion for die-hard fans. In fact, the pieces can also be worth a lot of money from some cases. How can you determine the value of your own memorabilia? Our expert Barbara Bieshaar tells us how she selects and evaluates the objects for the film memorabilia auction.

These factors determine the value of your movie memorabilia:


If an object is rare, has been released in a limited or special edition, this is interesting for bidders. People like to have something that not everyone has. These life-size statue of Jack Sparrow out pirates of the Caribbean was produced as a limited edition. So there are only a few of them and that automatically increases the price: this copy was auctioned for € 3,500 in 2016.


The origin and the story are particularly important for props, costumes or autographs. It is important to know who previously owned an object in order to be able to determine its authenticity. A good example of this is this signed photo by Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy. It was sold with a certificate of authenticity from PSA / DNA, the leading institution for the evaluation of autographs. The photo was real and sold for € 1,500 in an auction.

A screenplay for the first episode of game of Thrones, signed by the actors

Popular and successful

In general, if a film is very successful, the souvenir associated with it will also be very popular. And remember, trends and new cinema productions can significantly increase popularity. Interest in memorabilia is greater when a sequel has just been produced or an anniversary of a film is imminent. The Star Wars franchise is a great example. It has been going on for decades and attracts fans from all age groups almost magically. No wonder this handmade Stormtrooper fetched € 1,000 in an auction. Another example is this one life-size smeagol (or should we better say Gollum?). Its seat height is 58 cm, it is 45 cm wide and was released around 2002 for the movie The two Towers to apply. Precious? Definitely. A bidder grabbed Gollum for € 1,000.

"Wow" factor

Sometimes you look at memorabilia and are amazed because it's just plain cool. It may be shocking, unusual, or interesting to talk about. Or you look at it and just think “wow”, like in the original script of the popular series game of Thrones. The script was auctioned for € 1,800. It's from the very first episode (Winter is coming) and was signed by six actors.


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