What can you do watercolor painting on

The main watercolor techniques


The use of watercolor pencils:

Watercolor pencils look like "normal" colored pencils, but contain high-quality, water-soluble watercolor paint. These pens can be used to paint on both wet and dry paper.
Most of the time, the paint is carefully hatched, like with colored pencils, in order to then wash it out a little with water ("wash"). Interesting graphic effects are created when, for example, strokes and lines are applied to wet or semi-dry paper.

Combination of the listed techniques:

You can now combine all these techniques in one picture as you like and thus get a wide range of effects and different display variants. Of course, you shouldn't combine techniques haphazardly, but think carefully about which method is most effective.
Even if the result should look relaxed and fragrant, watercolor painting requires an immense amount of time and patience. Be it in the fine, filigree elaboration or in the multi-layered glaze technique.
The most successful watercolorists often apply up to a hundred (!) Or even more layers of glaze in a single picture. This creates a completely different play of colors with changing daylight or different lighting conditions, as different color nuances are always stimulated to glow by the incident light.

Combination with other techniques - own techniques

Watercolor painting can be easily combined with other techniques (pencil, charcoal, chalk, reed pen, oil, collage, material printing, etc.). However, this usually means that the fragrance that characterizes a typical watercolor is lost.

Recommendation: You can still experiment with it and let your creativity run free.

For some time now there have been new aids for watercolor painting:

    • Watercolor medium
    • Watercolor gloss agent
    • Watercolor waterproof fixation
    • Watercolor pastes and thickeners
    • Watercolor filler
    • Pearlescent finish for watercolor

and a number of supposedly useful (?) additives with which, for example, gloss effects such as in oil painting or collages can be created. Whether you resist such temptations or experiment with them is clearly up to you. Personally, I think very little of such gimmicks.