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When frying fish

you can achieve a significant improvement in taste by dripping a few drops of lemon juice into the frying fat.

smoked fish

I warm it up in the microwave for a short moment just before serving. It tastes then, slightly warmed, like straight from the smoker.

smoked fish

tastes fresh from the smoke if it is warmed up slightly before serving.

Aromatic fish

If you're roasting it whole, use a knife to score the skin on both sides before seasoning. In this way, the fish meat can absorb the aroma better.

"3-S rule" for fish

You can always rely on the preparation of fresh fish
Follow this rule: Cleaning: Rinse the gutted fish under cold water and pat dry. Sour: drizzle with lemon juice or vinegar. Salting: Salt the fish just before preparing it. This removes water from it and the meat remains firm.

Fish meatballs

The low-fat cod is great for this. Puree 750 grams of fish fillet with a tablespoon of lemon juice and knead it with a soaked, well-squeezed bun, a chopped onion, an egg, salt and pepper. Shape into meatballs and fry in hot oil over medium heat for about eight minutes.

Fixed fish rolls

If you want to fill plaice fillets, for example with a herb farce, always spread this on the darker side of the skin and roll it up. This is how you stay in shape.

Cold fish snack

Cooked fish fillet tastes delicious when you put it in a marinade overnight. Puree an onion and a clove of garlic with the grated zest of an orange and lemon, a bunch of parsley, salt and pepper. Stir in one eighth of a liter of olive oil and three tablespoons of red wine vinegar until you have a smooth mixture.

Poached fish

Fillet pieces cooked in a stock are best lifted out with a slotted spoon so that the fish stays in shape and does not break apart.

Cook the fish whole

So that it keeps its shape, you can put it in the oven with the belly opening on a cup or on a large peeled potato. It then cooks evenly on all sides.

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Frozen fish

After thawing, fish can easily taste a bit tatty. This can be avoided by thawing the fillets or the whole fish in milk. The aroma is significantly improved.

Tips for cooking with fish

Season the fish approx. 1 hour before cooking and leave it covered in the refrigerator so that the fish does not taste bland. However, you should only salt it shortly before preparation, as salt removes water from the fish over a longer period of time and thus dries it out.


become particularly crispy if you cut their skin at a distance of 3 cm before frying and then sprinkle them with wheat starch.

Prepare fresh fish

You should cook the fish on the day you buy it, otherwise it will spoil quickly. You must therefore also process frozen food immediately after defrosting.

Fish dumplings

Delicious dumplings can be made from leftover fish with the stirring stick together with a roll, onion, egg and salt.

fish-stick Burger

Children like that too:
Cut into hot dog rolls and fill with lettuce leaves, cucumber salad, a fish finger each and some tartar sauce.

Hearty anchovy fillets

They go well with fried eggs or salads. You can soften their salty taste by briefly soaking the fillets in yogurt, milk or cold, black tea.


Place the frozen fish on a sieve insert and allow to thaw in a sealable container, preferably overnight, in the refrigerator. Be sure to throw away the frozen water!

Fish low in fat

This makes whole fish or fillets a particularly light and tasty treat: Simply place them in a roasting tube with vegetables or herbs and cook in the oven.

Whole trout get nice and crispy,

if you scratch the skin at regular intervals and dust it with wheat starch.

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How does smoked fish get a more intense taste?

Before eating it, heat it up in the oven for about five minutes at 50 ° C. However, this does not apply to sliced ​​smoked salmon.

The smell of fish disappears quickly after frying,

when you light an aroma lamp with a few drops of lavender oil.

Noble fish

If salmon, pickled or smoked, is to be stored in the refrigerator, brush the skin as thinly as possible with a little oil and then wrap the fish in cling film. This way the noble fish stays nice and juicy.

Frozen fish

They work very well if you slowly thaw them in milk. The milk extracts the frozen taste from the fish, which then tastes fresh.

Canned tuna

It is not only offered in oil, there is also a lower-calorie version in its own juice. In any case, let the fish drain well in a sieve before mixing it with other ingredients.

Fish fillets

For breading, the pieces are always turned in lemon juice instead of in the whisked egg. The breading sticks just as well, and it gives the fish a particularly piquant aroma.

Smoked trout fillets

This fish tastes particularly aromatic and as if fresh from the smokehouse if it is briefly warmed in the microwave or in the oven before consumption.

Only cook the prawns briefly

If you fry or cook the seafood for too long, it will become hard and dry. The prawns are cooked when they are still slightly elastic when pressed on.

Spicy fish fillet

Redfish fillet can taste a little bland. The fish becomes particularly spicy if you coat it with a little horseradish from the glass before frying it.

When frying the fish fillet does not disintegrate so easily,

if you add a little salt or lemon juice to the frying fat.

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Fish does not disintegrate so easily when turned in the pan,

if you add a little lemon juice to the frying fat beforehand.

Unusual side dish

Puff pastry cookies also go very well with fried or grilled prawns or scampi. Simply cut out small triangles from the plates and bake for ten minutes!

Fry fish properly

To prevent it from disintegrating, do not add the fish to the pan until the fat in it is really hot. For the same reason, you should only turn it once if possible.

Fix on the table

Smoked salmon is an ideal ingredient for those in a hurry: it tastes good with pasta, potatoes, salads, canapés or soups. Cut into strips, serve warm or cold with it. Refine with créme fraîche and herbs. Finished!

Fresh fish

Make sure to take it out of the packaging after shopping and put it in a odorless and tasteless glass or porcelain bowl. Cover with cling film, store in the refrigerator.

Fresh fish

When shopping, make sure the eyes are clear, shiny, and slightly curved. The gills should be bright red and tightly fitting. Fresh fish smells rather neutral.

Recycle leftover fish

If you have any cooked or fried fish fillet left over, simply process it into delicious meatballs. To do this, mix the fish with 1-2 eggs, some breadcrumbs, salt, pepper and plenty of herbs in the mixer. Shape into balls, flatten a little and dust thinly with flour. Then fry until crispy. This is how you can freeze them too.

Debone the fish

Sometimes bones are also stuck in the fish fillet. If you pull the fillet over the edge of a board, you can remove the protruding bones with tweezers.

Delicious fish fingers

The small crispy bites are not only popular with children. And homemade they taste twice as good: Thaw frozen fish fillet and cut into sticks. Then season, toss in flour, beaten egg and crumbled corn flakes.

Crunchy herring salad

Prepared the “housewife way” with apples, onions and yoghurt, it is very popular. Celery cut into small cubes gives the salad more bite and freshness.

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Fish in a salt crust

Tastes wonderfully juicy: Mix 2 kg of sea salt with 2 egg whites and a little water. Form a bed of salt the size of the fish on a baking sheet lined with paper. Place the fish on top and press down the remaining salt well all around. Bake in the oven at 200 ° C for about 40 minutes.

Cook the prawns properly

Pink prawns are pre-cooked and only need to be briefly reheated. Blue prawns are still raw. Cook them until they turn pink.

smoked fish

like mackerel, Schillerlocken, eel or salmon, I put them in the 150 degree warm oven for 10 minutes before serving. Then the fish tastes like freshly smoked.

Mild and tender herring fillets

The fish fillets made in Germany often taste very salty. So soak the tender fish in mineral water, buttermilk or milk for a few hours before preparing it. This makes it much milder.

Enjoy low-fat with fish

Fish fillets are ideal for light and uncomplicated cuisine. Cod, redfish, haddock, plaice and saithe are particularly low in calories. Steam the pieces on some vegetables or fry them with a little fat in a non-stick pan.

Fish needs acid

You should always drizzle fish with a little lemon juice before frying or steaming it. This makes the meat firmer and does not fall apart as quickly. Under no circumstances let the salted fish stand for a long time, as the salt draws out liquid. Result: the fish becomes dry and no longer tastes good.

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