Where can I volunteer in Nairobi, Kenya

Volunteering in Kenya

Kenya is a popular travel destination: Rainforests, snow-capped peaks, savannas, deserts and exotic animals can be found here and inspire visitors from all over the world. Yet Kenya is also a Developing country: Most areas are not developed for tourism and are underdeveloped - there is still a long way to go to generally good living conditions. With Volunteering in Kenya you can make an important contribution to mastering this path. You help on site and experience a great time in a fascinating country. The volunteer work program for Kenya is divided into various volunteer activities such as teaching, animal welfare and wildlife as well as child care.

Volunteering in the "cradle of humanity"

Like most African countries, the Republic of Kenya was a Colonial area. The British administered it until the 1963 independence attained. The amalgamation of traditionally independent tribes into one national territory led to many conflicts.

Kenya is located on the east coast of Africa and is known as the "cradle of humanity". The reason: anthropologists have discovered that this is where the origin of man is. However, this thesis is still scientifically controversial.