How can I renew my income statement

Lost income tax certificate: how should you proceed?

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Lost income tax certificate: who issues the certificate?

As a rule, employers must prepare a proper income tax certificate for each employee. The income tax data must also be forwarded to the responsible tax office. In turn, the employees must receive a printout of their income tax certificate.

Lost income tax certificate: the options

It is quite possible that the income tax certificate is lost. This often happens despite order and despite careful handling of the important documents. Usually such a certificate is lost when moving, renovating or modernizing. In this case, however, employees have several options for obtaining a new printout of the income tax certificate:

  • On the one hand, there is the option of asking the employer for a new expression.
  • On the other hand, the tax office also has the wage tax data. It is therefore possible to ask the tax office for information on the data from the income tax certificate. This option is advisable, for example, for those who no longer want to contact their employer.
  • Anyone who has the data from the income tax certificate together, although the income tax certificate has been lost, can still prepare the tax return. In this case, an income tax certificate is not necessarily required. Nevertheless, it is often advisable to get a printout of the income tax certificate from the employer or the tax office.

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