What are the special functions of stems

Function of the plant parts

Biology, 6th grade

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What parts of plants are there?

A rough distinction is made between:

  • blossom
  • Stem or stem
  • root
  • leaves

(Attention: Very rough distinction!)

What does photosynthesis mean in simplified form?

Plants use light, water and carbon to produce new, vital substances from them: dextrose (glucose) and oxygen.

What is the job of the flower?

The flowers are used for the reproduction of a plant. Often they attract insects to pollinate with their beautiful appearance and scent.

What is the purpose of the root?

The root anchors the plant in the ground. Without a root, the plant could not stand upright. Another important function of the root is to provide the plant with water and minerals. These can be absorbed from the ground through the roots.

Minerals are salts dissolved in water that are very important for the growth and development of plants. The root also serves as a storage location for the absorbed substances.

What is the role of the leaves?

The most important task of the leaves is photosynthesis. (compare our chapter: Photosynthesis)

They also ensure transpiration (water evaporation, important for nutrient absorption)

What is the purpose of the stem?

The stem supports the plant, transports nutrients and brings the plant closer to the light it needs to survive.

The students ...

  • describe the tasks and the interaction of the different parts of a seed plant.
  • model the change of substances during cell respiration and photosynthesis at the particle level in a very simplified way and establish a connection in material and energetic terms between photosynthesis and cell respiration.
  • explain the fundamental importance of photosynthesis for life on earth and the energy supply of mankind.

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