How much horsepower does a JCB have

Fastrac 8330 [290-348 HP]

The full suspension on the front and rear axles provides a unique driving behavior, maximum comfort and best traction. The external disc brakes ensure excellent heat dissipation and maximum braking safety. In addition, the ABS braking system offers safety in all extreme situations. The unique full frame construction of the JCB Fastracs ensures stability, stability and a high payload.

The Fastrac-8330 takes a model from the successful Fastrac 4000 series with 160 to 235 HP, which has received an extremely good response on the market.
The 8330 model impresses with its powerful and high-torque 8.4-liter six-cylinder engines that meet the Euro Stage IV and US Tier 4 Final emissions standards, as well as a new high-speed hydrostatic steering system.

The machine has a nominal output of 250 kW (335 PS) at a nominal speed and up to 260 kW (348 PS) under full load.

The Fastrac 8000 series still relies on coil struts at the front and active rear axle suspension, thus offering the unique driving comfort that Fastrac drivers have long appreciated. The unique hydrostatic dual-circuit steering system replaces the previous mechanically-hydraulically assisted steering, so two independent hydrostatic steering systems work effectively in one. First of all, the new steering system meets all the critical failure requirements for a tractor with a top speed of 70 km / h in the event of a hydraulic or engine failure. Second, it offers the driver the decisive combination of precision, driving experience and steering effort, both on the road at high speed or when maneuvering.
In addition, the new selectable rapid steering system (Rapid Steer) halves the number of turns of the steering wheel from four to two.

The new Command Plus cab offers plenty of space and comfort. The driver's comfort seat can be swiveled a full 50 degrees to the right and 20 degrees to the left. The forward-sloping cabin gives the cabin a generous feeling of space, but also improves visibility and makes it easier to get in, and the almost vertical windshield provides good protection from the heat on sunny days.
Deep door and side windows and the wide glass surface in the lower area of ​​the front window ensure a very good all-round view.