How should you act at a party

How to flirt properly with women in a club: 7 tips for the disco

Did you spend the disco evening with a beer in your hand instead of a sweet lady in your arms? It will be different soon! Because we will show you how flirting works properly in a club. So you will get to know a lot of great women at the party and spend an exciting time with them.

And now it starts, the countdown to your success in nightlife:

7. Pay attention to your styling!

The evening doesn't just start in the club when you really start flirting - not even in the queue in front of the entrance or at the cloakroom. The evening starts at home in front of the wardrobe! Think about how you would like to dress for the upcoming party in good time. Do you go to a high-end classy bar or to the dirty rock club? For proper flirting in a club, it is helpful to adapt your style to the location and the audience (and thus to the ladies you want to get to know).

If you go to the rocker shop, you should perhaps be better off wearing a casual shirt or t-shirt with jeans than visiting the establishment in the finest thread. Somewhat flashy clothing that sets you apart from the gray crowd of the party crowd, of course, can't hurt. Or how about an interesting accessory such as a hat or bracelet? Women have an eye for this and often insist on speaking to you about it when flirting in the club. With small but fine clothing extras you not only become more interesting and attractive, but also provide the ladies with grateful topics of conversation.

6. Take your friends with you and have fun!

A good mood, a lot of energy and positive charisma are the most important things if you want to really flirt in the club. The ladies go out to have fun and leave their gray office routine with their annoying work colleagues behind them. Who would want to meet a grouch in the nightlife? On the other hand, people who exude a lot of vital energy and joy are always extremely attractive. But how do you really get going for the party? Several things have proven useful for this:

  • Listening to good music and watching funny movies at home
  • Dancing and singing
  • Fooling around with friends
  • Drink alcohol in moderation

In general, do everything that makes you happy at home before partying - whether it's an episode of your favorite TV series or a song that puts you in the right mood. Be sure to visit the disco with friends who are also fun canons. Before you even start flirting, you can fidget together on the dance floor in the club, joke great and rock each other up in your good mood. The positive side effect: the ladies around you register that you can have fun without them - and today you are not looking to find a bunny for bed. Those who are so independent are irresistible to the tender sex!

5. Increase your social status!

Be sure: women in the disco don't only notice you when you stand in front of them to let go of your flirtation. As soon as you enter the room, the ladies perceive you very closely. Seen in this way, you are under constant observation that evening. If you want to really flirt in the club, you can take advantage of this. Don't crouch in the corner with your glass of beer and stare at the dance floor! Make contacts at the party right from the start and talk to everyone: male and female party guests, bouncers, cloakroom ladies, bartenders, DJs, strippers (if the shop offers such a treat for the eye).

The women who see you will notice you as a sociable and sought-after type. This is especially true when you seem to be “on your terms” with important people like the DJ or bartender. Such a talkative and open guy looks sexy on the ladies! If you want to really flirt in the club, you'll be in pole position before the race really starts.

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4. Talk to her - but with a joke!

At some point the motto is: Let's go for the bacon! But how should you address them? First of all, the important question is: where should you address them? Many gentlemen try their luck on the dance floor. But most guys are not exactly professional dancers or Latin lovers who have the rhythm in their blood, but rather resemble a bobble dog when they dance. If you are also one of the talentless, you should ignore the dance floor for proper flirting in the club. A turn-on while dancing usually looks clumsy and it is usually too loud for a conversation here. In addition, most of the male competition is on the dance floor - and you want to be different from the bulk of the guys, don't you?

If you want to really flirt in the club, you should therefore choose other areas to address: the chill-out area, bar, smoking area and the like are ideal for sociable Casanovas. The most important rule when starting a conversation at the party is: be interesting! First of all, women want to have a lot of fun in nightlife and not mess with boredom. Second, the distraction is great - from the music to her friends to the cool muscleman with the tattoos who make her beautiful eyes.

When flirting in a club, you should approach them with something really funny that also provides a helping of conversation piece. For example, the following sayings are suitable for this:

  • "Who can cook better, men or women?"
  • "Who's cooler, Donald Duck or King Kong?"
  • "Do penguins actually have knees?"
  • "What does Santa Claus actually do in summer?"

The funnier the better! If the woman is in a good mood and has a sense of humor, she will respond to this. In order for a funny conversation to develop, you should of course not be satisfied with their answer and should evaporate again. Be cheeky and contradict her: “What, do you think Donald Duck is cooler? King Kong has such a broad and hairy chest, no duck can keep up! ”So you can joke about discussions and slowly get closer.

One more thing: some women are tired of being approached by some wimp in the disco all the time. That is why they have - mostly unconsciously - developed excellent strategies to keep the losers at bay. So don't let that put you off at first if the lady seems aloof and arrogant at first. This is often just a protection to keep all the weak playboys away who are intimidated by this. As a brave guy, you should take the chance and still flirt properly with her in the club - just like with any other beauty. If it turns out that you actually have an obnoxious beast in front of you, you can always pull the rip cord.

Women also like to ask really cheeky trick questions when flirting in a club to put men to the test and expose would-be girls. If she asks, for example, "Tell me, are you gay?", Then don't let this unsettle you! Take it for fun and throw an equally cheeky answer at her head. For example: “You have to find out for yourself how gay I am, honey!” If she laughs and stays with you, you have passed her test with a grade of 1.

3. Appease the pack!

Women usually don't go out alone, but instead turn night into day with their friends. When flirting in a club, you shouldn't just mess with the lady, you should also pay the necessary attention to her companion - regardless of whether it is your best friend or a mixed bunch of men and women.

The reason for this is very simple: the people in the group take care of one another and protect one another. If you, as a stranger, do not seem trustworthy to the lady's comrades-in-arms, they will try to sideline you away from her. Your quibble with her will be over sooner than you can say "Hi". So don't just talk to the female “target person”, but include your friends in the conversation as early as possible. Ask them for their opinion, too, whether Donald Duck or King Kong has more to offer. They will see that you are a cool guy that the ladies have nothing to fear from. An important step in getting the green light from her appendages to properly flirt with the woman in the club!

2. Withdraw with her!

Okay, you've now mixed up with their group and their friends think you're cool. At some point the time will come when you want to be alone with your chosen one at the party. Because in intimate togetherness, it is only really hot to flirt - this also applies to the club! If her companion trusts you, it should be an easy game to remove you from the rest of the pack with her. Just find an excuse to get them away from their group. A drink at the bar or a cigarette in the smoking area are ideal for this. Tell her that you feel like having a drink or some fresh air and that she should come with you. Then you explain to her pack that you would like to briefly “kidnap” her friend, but you will certainly bring her back safely ... Then you take her by the hand and march off with her!

You can now use your private time to talk to her undisturbed. For this it is best to choose a quiet area in the disco with comfortable sofas so that you can really relax while flirting in the club. In the confidential atmosphere without curious listeners, it is best to talk to her about personal and intimate things, because this way you get to know each other more intensively and build strong trust in one another.

1. Bag your cell phone number!

If you can't lure her to your love nest right at home - to show her your exciting "stamp collection" there - exchanging your mobile phone numbers is the crowning glory. Why end up in bed with her right away when you can make a date for the day after tomorrow? So stay relaxed - a one-night stand after the party is not a must, so that you can still get your money's worth!

If she's into you and trusts you, getting her cell phone number shouldn't be a problem for you when flirting in a club. Tell her to swap your numbers because it's easy to get lost in such a crowded disco. You can also tell her - if you haven't already done so - about your exciting leisure adventures. Ask her if she would like to come with you when you go on this exciting bike tour in the next few days. You then save her number so that you can clarify the meeting with her in more detail over the phone. Of course, after cycling, a picnic with a glass of sparkling wine is on the program ...

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