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glossaryPanamaxPanamax is the name of a ship whose parameters enable passage through the Panama Canal: maximum length: 295 m, maximum external width: 32.25 m, maximum draft: 13.50 m. Bulk carriers then have load capacities of around 75,000 dwt. As Post panamax ships is a size class of container ships, the parameters of which do not allow the passage through the Panama Canal, usually with approx. 6500 TEU loading capacity.LNGLiquefied natural gas = liquefied natural gas (CH4) as it can be refueled in vehicles, for example. When it cools down to -164C, the volume shrinks to one six hundredth of the normal volume. This increases the energy content in relation to the volume and thus, for example, the range of a vehicle with the same tank volume. About 10 - 25 percent of the energy stored in natural gas is used for the complex liquefaction, which is why you mainly find compressed natural gas (CNG) in road traffic.SuezmaxShip size that can pass the Suez Canal when loaded according to its maximum dimensions. Usually refers to tankers. The development status of the canal is 150,000 tdw ships. The size class includes 120-160,000 tdw.LPG= Liquefied Petroleum Gas. Liquid gas (propane, butane and their mixtures) is a hydrocarbon that liquefies under relatively low pressure and then only takes up about 1/260 of its gaseous volume.AframaxAframax tankers are 80-120,000 dwt. The term comes from the Average Freight Rate Assessment (AFRA) tanker freight rate system.