What does solder mean in construction

Construction definition: Plumb


The term " perpendicular " refers to a line that is perfectly vertical - technically an imaginary line that goes straight to the center of the earth. During construction, a load-bearing element or a building panel that is installed vertically is transferred its support load directly downwards, giving it maximum load-bearing capacity. Poor construction, in which vertical elements are not installed exactly perpendicular, weakens the structure.

The determination of the lead can be carried out either with a plumb bob or a carpenter.

A plummet is a very simple tool that has a small weight and string. When the string at the top is suspended from the weight at the bottom, the weight aligns the string to form a perfect perpendicular line that can be used as a reference when installing building materials in a plumb line.

The standard has one or more dragonflies that are perpendicular to the line of the dragonfly. If the carpenter's plane is held against the side of a vertical frame member, when the bubble in the solder vial is perfectly centered in the vial, the frame member will be perfectly plumb. To ensure that the frame element is perpendicular in both directions, the plate must be checked on two adjacent surfaces.