What are some pimple creams that work

Pimples seem perfidiously to have a kind of seventh sense: When you least need them, they ripen to full bloom. There is hardly anyone who has not wished for a miracle cure in these moments. A kind of SOS patch or tincture with magical powers that will make the pimple go away in no time. Some manufacturers advertise exactly such products in their range. A category in which dermatologist Christoph Liebich has his doubts.

The skin expert with a practice in Munich specializes in acne therapy, among other things, for adolescents and adults. He points out that a distinction must be made between individual pimples and the skin disease acne. Anyone who has acne should visit a dermatologist and talk about possible therapies - if only because unsightly scars can develop as a long-term consequence.

Studies in recent years have shown that in addition to increased sebum production, inflammatory reactions and insufficient exfoliation of the skin, diet also plays an important role in the development of pimples. Dairy products, sugar, white flour and artificial B vitamins should be avoided as much as possible if the skin is prone to pimples. Too extensive facial care and squeezing out the red pustules is rather counterproductive, as both promote the spread of the impurities. However, it is recommended that the skin be cleaned regularly by a dermatological beautician. Chrisoph Liebich tested for us whether the so-called SOS anti-pimple preparations could be a useful addition and, if so, which ones are best. The products are available in pharmacies, drug stores and perfumeries.