Who is the least conceited Bollywood celebrity

Voice variations

Music carpet, -e (m.) - permanent sound reinforcement through music

squeaky - (with one voice) tall and thin

nasty - here: terrible

Voice breakage, voice breaks (m.) - the change of voice in male adolescents during puberty

babble - speak indistinctly to yourself

chuckle - make dark-sounding, suppressed noises

warble - Sing to yourself without paying attention to the text and melody

distorted - here. so that the sound is indistinctly reproduced

Nightingale (f.) - a songbird

occupied - here: a little hoarse

Canvas size, -n (f.) - Slang for: a very famous actress / actor

lisp - When articulating sibilants, touch your teeth with your tongue and pronounce them incorrectly

to manage something - colloquial for: bring something under control

to tune a note - start singing

Soft palate, - (n.) - the back, soft part of the palate in the upper oral cavity

get rid of | iron - colloquial for: to free oneself with effort; walk away