How much did NetApp pay for ByCast

Netapp buys Canadian storage specialist Bycast

The Canadian company Bycast has specialized in object-oriented storage software. Now the company has been swallowed up by Netapp.

The takeover of Bycast by Netapp should be completed as early as May. Bycast, headquartered in Vancouver, Canada, is a developer of object-based storage software. The company was founded around ten years ago and so far has more than 250 customers.

With Ā»Storage GridĀ«, as the company's solution is called, companies and service providers can manage petabyte-sized storage systems that are distributed around the world. Storage Grid combines spatially distributed storage systems in a virtualized storage pool. According to the manufacturer, the program works with storage devices from different manufacturers.

The "holistic" view of the available storage resources makes it easier to manage the devices and the data stored on them. In addition, tasks such as creating backups and restoring saved data sets can be automated. Storage Grid also provides disaster recovery functions.

Metadata facilitate data searches

The Bycast solution is particularly interesting for large companies with multiple locations and providers of cloud computing services. These can store data using object-based storage technology.

The information is accessed using object names and metadata that describe the content in detail. This simplifies the management of large object stores and improves the ability to quickly locate data objects.

For example, a media company can use an object-based storage solution to give its graphic designers access to image data and to work together on projects.

Ideal for IT-as-a-Service

"Bycast is expanding our unified storage strategy and improving our solution for shared storage infrastructures with new capabilities for global data access and data mobility," says Manish Goel, Executive Vice President Product Operations at Netapp. "With the Bycast products, we can offer enterprise customers and partners from the service provider business a complementary solution with which extensive, global data storage for IT-as-a-Service can be set up and managed."

The Bycast headquarters in Vancouver will become a Netapp technology center where development of existing and new Bycast products will continue. The contract partners did not disclose how much Netapp paid for the Canadian company.

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