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The medical on-call service has been around for a number of years, but many people do not know it. This is shown, among other things, by the increasing cases of comparatively mildly ill people in emergency rooms. The telephone on-call service helps "when the doctor's office is closed".

General practitioners who treat patients on an outpatient basis in urgent medical cases can be referred via the nationwide uniform telephone number 116 117 - even at night, on weekends and public holidays. NDR.de has put together the most important questions and answers.

Do you have to dial an area code before 116 117?

No, 116 117 is a so-called speed dial number. These numbers can be reached throughout Germany without an area code - both from a landline and from a mobile phone.

When can 116 117 be reached?

From January 1, 2020, the hotline 116 117 should be available around the clock every day - regardless of whether on weekdays, holidays or the weekend.

What help does the number offer?

Callers end up at the control centers of the Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians. Medically trained staff will help the callers and give the closest contact practice. This is where the supply takes place. Start-up practices are evenly distributed across the country. They are usually in hospitals. If patients cannot go to the initial practice for health reasons, a doctor will come home. If necessary, callers are connected to a doctor on duty by telephone. The service does not apply to problems with teeth. Emergency dental services can be found on the Internet for each federal state.

Does 112 still exist?

Yes, the fire brigade's rescue service can still be reached on the emergency number 112. It provides help in life-threatening cases - and should not be confused with the on-call service that people should contact with non-life-threatening complaints.

When do I dial 116 117? And when is the 112?

The 116 117 is the right choice for non-life-threatening symptoms such as high fever, severe abdominal pain or vomiting. People should contact the medical on-call service if they have health problems at night or at the weekend for which they would normally go to a doctor's office - but the treatment cannot wait until the next (work) day.

The 112 should be selected in the event of life-threatening symptoms - for example, unconsciousness, acute bleeding, severe heart problems, severe disorders of the respiratory system, complications in pregnancy and poisoning. The ambulance service is on call around the clock in medical emergencies and with the patient within a very short time.

What if I underestimate the symptoms?

If, after a call to 116 117, it turns out in the course of the phone call that there is an acute emergency, the control center notifies the rescue service and, if necessary, calls in the emergency doctor.

What does a call to 116 117 cost?

The call is always free of charge - regardless of whether it is from a landline, cell phone or the Internet.

What information should I have ready?

The National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians recommends that callers have the following information ready: Name, address, telephone number for callbacks, type of complaints, age of the person with complaints, information about allergies or pacemakers, the possibility of accompanying the sick person to a practice.

Who pays for the treatment?

Statutory and private health insurances cover the costs. People with statutory health insurance must bring their health card with them for treatment. With private health insurances - depending on your personal contract - a deductible may be due.

Which doctors are on call?

The service is offered by resident doctors from the respective region. They perform the service in addition to their daily work in the practice. A practice near you is best found on the central website www.116117.de.

The locations and opening times of the contact practices in Schleswig-Holstein can be downloaded here. The Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians Hamburg also provides information on the city's emergency practices on the Internet. The information on on-call practices in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania you'll find here.

Are patient data protected?

According to the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians, all information used by callers will be treated confidentially. The Federal Government's data protection officer was involved in the planning of the on-call service.

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