Can robots paint

AI robot paints pictures - is that art or can it be removed?

Can machines make art on their own? This question should be answered next week at the digital tech fair SXSW in Texas. A project by IBM Japan, the University of Tokyo and Yamaha Motors will be presented there: a robot based on artificial intelligence (AI) that paints pictures on canvas with brush and paint.

The special thing about this AI project is that the robot worked with concepts and did not imitate existing works of art. The choice of colors and shapes is up to the AI ​​itself. A real expression of creativity. Like a human artist, he should stop between the brushstrokes, look at his work and only then make the next brushstroke.

The picture can be influenced by determining the degree of complexity before painting. "For example, if we limit the robot so that it can only make 30 brushstrokes, it will paint a more abstract picture than if it had 1,000 available," says Pan. Makes sense.

Do we need to worry?

"Artificial intelligence and robots will not be able to replace our human imagination," said Forbes project manager Jiamin Pan. “Rather, they will expand and complement our creativity. In the not too distant future there will be a multitude of creative robots and their view of creativity will be drastically different from our human. "

If you want to get your own picture of the painting robot, you can do so online here at SXSW from March 16 to 20.