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Available language packs: German, German_UTF-8, English, English_UTF-8, Dutch


  • In the tag wizard, a directory selector was added for for the "id" attribute. (# 2911)
  • Validation services: The result iFrame now adapts to the size of the webEdition window. (# 2967)
  • On the "Properties" view of documents and objects, there is the "Is searchable?" Checkbox. The label has been changed to "searchable". (# 2984)
  • Banner management: When assigning a banner name to a banner, the content of the select box is now sorted alphabetically. (# 2962)

Fixed bugs

  • An error in the output of with the attribute "pass_onclick" has been fixed. (# 2915)
  • DB / Object Module: Changes to the language in the "Properties" view for objects were not saved. (# 3051, # 2996)
  • When importing a CSV file via the import wizard, the template was not recognized after a document type had been selected. (# 2752, # 3010, # 2988)
  • The tag did not recognize "foo @" as a wrong email address. (# 3005)
  • If you aligned the text in a WYSIWYG text area (left, right ...), this was initially displayed correctly in the WYSIWYG text area, but when you switched to the source text view, the alignment was gone again. This error only occurred in Safari on Mac OS X. (# 2903)
  • did not work correctly with templates in the "Preview" view. (# 2895)
  • If you copied a folder with webEdition pages that do not have a template and you have new templates created, a ".tmpl" template is created. For webEdition pages without a template, a directory path was entered when the template was submitted. (# 3015)
  • If you opened the tag wizard of a we: tag in Safari 3.1 (Mac OS X) with Enter, the window was immediately closed again as soon as you clicked inside. (# 2858)
  • (#2923)
  • If the attribute "desc" was set to the value "true" for a , then no entries were output by the listview. (# 2924)
  • If the storage space on the server is exhausted, you can no longer log on to the system. The previous error message has been expanded. (# 2843)
  • In the tag wizard, the "calendar" type has been removed for . There is no such thing. (# 2598)
  • A PHP warning when automatically publishing documents has been removed. (# 3023)
  • In the output of the link attributes were missing (except for "href"). (# 2932)
  • A PHP parse error when using the cache function has been fixed. (# 2832)
  • If you inserted the values ​​^ or `in one of the input fields when changing the size (" Image processing "view for a webEdition graphic)," NaN "was displayed in the input field and nothing could be entered. Only after closing and reopening the dialog was it possible to enter values ​​again. (# 2861)
  • Changes to the cockpit were not saved when you first logged in. (# 2982)
  • If you set the time 0:00 in a date field for an object, the entry was not listed in a calendar list view. (# 3037)
  • A year calendar list view output March twice. This problem only occurred on the last day of the month. (# 3042)
  • If a customer filter was transferred from a directory to the contained documents in Safari (Mac OS X), a vertical scroll bar appeared in the popup, although this was not necessary. (# 2863)
  • WYSIWYG text area: Umlauts were displayed incorrectly for title and alt text in images when they were opened again. (# 2782)
  • A JavaScript error in the navigation tool has been removed. This error only occurred if no modules were installed. (# 2748)
  • With the "title" attribute was not output if the "alt" attribute was empty. (# 2736)
  • did not always work correctly on dynamic webEdition pages. (# 2717)
  • In the tag wizard, only one option for the "type" attribute could be selected for , although the tag allows several entries. (# 2714)
  • If no Exif extension is installed on the server, an error occurred when opening a .jpg file. (# 3022)
  • Newsletter module: The processing of a CSV file did not work correctly. (# 3011)
  • Navigation tool: If a field with an underscore in the name was used as the title field for dynamic content, the name was not completely adopted. (# 2935)
  • If you want to create a directory with the name "webEdition" in the "Search server" dialog, a JavaScript exception was caused. (# 2953)
  • Banner management: After creating or changing a banner, the banner could not be saved in some cases. (# 2963)
  • Banner management: The alt text was not displayed for banners. (# 2925)
  • Customer administration: If the e-mail address is selected for the "username" field when importing a CSV file, the import was not carried out correctly. (# 2867)
  • When importing data as objects, errors occurred if the class of the objects had a field with the name "Keywords". (# 2854)
  • Using , no object could be selected from sub-folders within a block. (# 2828)
  • If a field of the type "multi-object" is created in a class, the class in which one is located could not be selected. (# 2920, # 2667)
  • DB / Object Module: The font was in different sizes on the "Fields" tab. The font in the "Object" column was larger than the font in the other columns. (# 3035)
  • Newsletter module: Missing autocompleters have been added. (# 2847)
  • Newsletter module: An error in the autocompleter for directory selection has been fixed. (# 2904)
  • User management PRO: If a class folder is selected as the workspace, it cannot be selected in order to use the object search. (# 3029)
  • User management PRO: If a user does not have the "Delete documents" right, he could still delete documents via "File> Delete current document". (# 2888)
  • Voting module: When saving a new voting, a PHP warning was caused in the "Properties" view. (# 3007)