All ethical vegans are big animal lovers

100 Reasons to Go Vegan - Ethically Correct!

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  • Publishing company:epubli
  • Subject area: Society and Social Sciences - Social and Ethical Issues
  • Genre:Counselor / nature
  • Page number:124
  • First appearance: 13.11.2020
  • ISBN:9783753119441
Barbara Schäfer, Sebastian Schäfer100 reasons for animal welfare, climate protection, health!
Vegan. A big word
that you may have heard before.
As a vegan I want the exploitation of animals
the use and consumption of animal products,
the cruelty of living beings capable of suffering
as well as avoiding their instrumentalization for entertainment purposes,
whenever and wherever I can.
People have different reasons for a vegan life: ethics, the environment or health. This book was originally created out of the desire to give other people an insight into the suffering we cause other sentient beings, animals. What suffering we finance, even though we like animals. And even if we are not animal lovers, we still represent values ​​like justice and freedom and want a better world.
Connections soon emerge that we did not recognize beforehand. The almost unstoppable destruction of the planet, the consequences of which we must bear. The exploitation of people who, in their hopelessness, have entered the machineries of the cruel animal industry. The realization that we've learned to stroke a bunny and slit a calf's throat.
100 reasons from A to Z. None of these reasons is worth more than the other. No animal is less valuable than the other. There is no significant difference between female and male. It's not about which side has more text. It's about protecting every life, no matter how small it may be, however unimportant it may seem. It is about the right to live in freedom without exploitation.
Thousands of living beings worldwide are suffering every second - we can start NOW to end the sad violence.
These first 100 REASONS FOR VEGAN should give an insight into the reality of our fellow creatures on this planet.
No matter how old you are.
No matter how you lived up to that moment.
It is never too late to make a new decision.
There are more than 100 reasons.

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