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Skin inflammation

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Skin inflammation: know the causes and treat skin irritation

Every day our skin is exposed to many factors that can irritate it and lead to skin inflammation. Often it is not possible to completely avoid the causes of skin irritation. Knowing the causes and protecting the skin in the best possible way helps to prevent and treat skin inflammation.

Causes: Why skin inflammation occurs

Normal skin is soft, small-pored, firm, not too oily and not too dry. As a rule, it does not tense, itch or tingle and you feel completely at ease in it. Sometimes, however, there is a deviation from this ideal situation within a few minutes. Both internal and external factors can be the cause. Internal factors that can lead to skin reactions (impurities, wrinkles, skin inflammation):

  • hormonal changes (puberty, menopause)
  • Diseases
  • Allergies
  • Deficiencies
  • psychological factors such as negative emotions

External influences which can lead to skin irritation, injuries or skin inflammation:

  • cosmetics
  • Soaps and other personal care products
  • Exposure to sunlight
  • Virus or bacterial infections
  • Injuries from objects (razors, scissors, knives)

Another cause of skin irritation: disturbed protective acid mantle

The skin naturally has a pH of 5.7. This slightly acidic environment protects the skin and prevents pathogens from penetrating deeper skin layers. The protective acid mantle is sensitive to incorrect and excessive care, the skin dries out and becomes more susceptible to external influences. Viruses and bacteria have it easier to overcome the skin barrier and trigger skin inflammation. In order to maintain the protective acid mantle, the skin needs care products that are appropriate for its type.

Strong defenses ensure healthy skin

If the immune system is weakened, for example due to stress, a diet low in vitamins or too much nicotine and alcohol, this also has an impact on the skin: skin inflammation can develop more easily. Therefore, try to stay in balance, get enough sleep, eat a healthy diet and consume less luxury foods. If your everyday life does get hectic again, you can use herbal preparations to reduce stress, which have a calming and sleep-inducing effect. You will also find what you are looking for in our range if you are looking for preparations to strengthen your immune system.

Treat skin inflammation and relieve symptoms

Skin inflammation is associated with typical symptoms such as reddening, burning, itching, warming, swelling, skin irritation and pain. You can alleviate these symptoms with creams containing hydrocortisone (FeniHydrocort®), Ointments, or gels soothe. If skin infections are caused by insect bites, it helps to cool the area in question. Cool packs or a cooling gel (Fenistil® Gel). Lighter cuts and abrasions are first disinfected and then an ointment is applied. Here you can find our first aid products for wound disinfection and wound care. In the case of injuries, allergies and burns, the following applies: If the symptoms do not improve during treatment or if the affected skin areas are larger, you should consult a doctor.

Wonderful world of skin

The skin is our largest organ. It offers us protection against external influences such as cold or heat, friction or pressure and against the penetration of foreign substances. It envelops, delimits, shapes, breathes, participates in metabolic processes and, as a sensory organ, takes on the mediator function between body and environment. It contributes to our uniqueness - just think of the fingerprint!

Facts about our skin:

So that the wonder of skin can continue to do its job and is protected from skin irritation and inflammation, you will find further interesting information here:

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