Who is the best emo rapper

Emo rap from the USA Mourning with trap beats

A simple guitar loop, plus a trap beat and lyrics about suicidal thoughts, depression and the inability to love. These are the essential trademarks of the music of Joe Mulherin, who as Nothing, Nowhere has been revealing his soul pain for several years. On his new album "Ruiner" he deviates only minimally from this. In the title track of the same name, the skinny rapper with dyed black hair addresses paralyzing sadness and the death of someone close to him.

"Emo-rap" is how the music press describes the sound of Joe Mulherin. The abbreviation Emo stands for Emotional and means a variety of rock music that began with hardcore bands like Rites of Spring or Embrace in the 80s and became mainstream at the beginning of the 00s with performers like Dashboard Confessional or Jimmy Eat World conquered. The focus was on one's own vulnerability and again and again romantic relationship dramas. Tristan George says:

"I think that this generation of rappers who are currently very popular, that many of them also went through this emo trend in their childhood or in their teenage years and that the whole thing is now just continued on a musical level or is now its revival finds. "

Expression of the digital age

Tristan George runs the digital fanzine "Znova", where he analyzes current hip-hop trends. For him, emo rap is not only a return to the musical preferences of childhood, but also an expression of the digital age, with its delimitation of genres and the remix of pop cultural phenomena.

"In any case, this was promoted by the Internet. I think that it can be traced back to digitization per se and our generation that we are currently facing. This is a generation that is very fast-paced, is also very forgetful. And do it there those points that have a kind of intermingling, that are not a whole, not a half, that include several aspects; I think that is what makes emo-rap attractive in general. "

One of the most popular representatives of the genre is US rapper Lil Peep, who died of an opiate overdose in November last year. He repeatedly addressed his drug addiction in his dark songs. XXXTentacion's debut album "17" is also about the darker side of life. The track "Save Me" seems like a desperate teenager crying out for help.

"What we can currently observe is that the textual shift nowadays is increasingly going into this inner world, yes, this isolation from the outside world, delimitation, up to and including concentration on one's own emotional world."

Nostalgia and escapism

However, Kanye West and the melancholic Drake laid the foundation for emotional commitments in hip-hop with his album "808s and Heartbreak". What is unusual, however, is the merging of emo and rap. Emo rap can perhaps be understood as an alternative to the political conscious rap of Kendrick Lamar, as a youthful everyday escape from fears of the future and reality. Nostalgia and escapism can also be seen visually: Nothing, Nowhere designs some of his videos in a coarse-grained VHS aesthetic. Other emo rappers store their tracks with recordings of looped anime GIFs and excerpts from films they grew up with.

Hip-Hop is one of the most popular and most listened to genres in the USA and has replaced rock music - sales figures, chart positions and streaming views confirm this. And yet there is another interpretation: Rock seems to be reinvented in hip-hop at the moment to become. For example, XXXTentacion experiments with distorted trap beats that are reminiscent of electric guitars and also samples music from bands like Korn or Slipknot. And the new album "Ruiner" by Nothing, Nowhere shows, with successful tracks between melancholy lamentations and intimate reports, how much potential there is in this fusion.

"Ruiner" has been available as a digital album since April 13th. The album will be released on vinyl on July 27th.