Companies should use Instagram

5 reasons businesses should use Instagram

With over a billion users worldwide, Instagram is one of the largest social networks. In Germany, around 17 million people use it - and the trend is rising. But what makes Instagram so appealing and why should companies also use the network? So much in advance: Instagram is by no means a platform only for young people.

1. Improve brand awareness and image
A quick look at the statistics makes it clear why Instagram is also - or even more so - worthwhile for companies: over 200 million Instagramers visit at least one company profile every day and 60% of all users find out about new products on "Insta". Thus, the Facebook subsidiary is the ideal platform to increase your own brand awareness and maintain your own image.

2. Expand target audience
In the early days, Instagram was primarily seen as a platform for the younger generation who post their food - those days are long gone. The average age is now just under 30 years. Depending on the company, this can result in a completely new target group that can be addressed individually.

3. Recruiting
Recruiting is the topic that concerns every company in times of a shortage of skilled workers. Authentic insights into the company are good stuff for Instagram. In this way, potential applicants can get an idea of ​​the company in advance - an important component in strengthening their own employer brand, which should not be missing in any content strategy.

4. Touch point with insights
Instagram creates an additional touch point and makes products more tangible. Since the platform is designed for images and videos, it offers the opportunity to present the products clearly and in detail. With the insights that are available to entrepreneur profiles, reach, impressions and the like can be easily monitored. In this way, a company receives information about the target group and can adapt and scale the strategy accordingly.

5. Instagram as a sales tool
Last but not least: Instagram is of course also an important sales tool for informing customers about new products or product features. But be careful: clumsy advertising mail will be punished with ignorance by the community in the long run. So creativity is required here.
Another thing that is also possible: the placement of advertisements in various formats.

Instagram as a strongly visual platform is an important part of the marketing mix these days. With a lot of creativity, different company goals can be pursued and potential customers or future employees can be reached.
In addition, a wide variety of advertisements can be effectively placed.


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