How does the messenger bot work

Chatbots are revolutionizing online marketing

Meanwhile, marketers have realized that there is a better place than your own homepage to bring online bots and users together: Chat apps or messaging services. Kik is a pioneer in this regard. The instant messaging service is less well known in Germany, but has millions of users in the USA and Asia. According to surveys, 40 percent of teenagers use Kik in the US alone.

Kik recently launched its enterprise bot platform. Companies can send their own chatbots to communicate with users there. The bots act as Representatives of the brands. When users write to them and ask questions, they usually respond with product information or tips. Some bots can also tell jokes or simulate simple conversations. The chatbot of the video platform Vine sends users suitable films for the respective keyword upon request. The weather bot predicts rain, another bot gives make-up tips.

According to Kik, 1.5 million users of a brand authorized the contact during the first week after activating the chatbots. The intention behind it: to turn “lifeless” brands into independent characters. By enabling a conversation, users should get the Perceiving the brand as a friend. The online bots are supposed to entertain and inform. At the same time, there is a platform here that marketers can use to manipulate customers without being noticed. So far, bots cannot learn from Kik on their own, but it is planned. Microsoft provided a negative example of this independent learning from the community.