How does a rollerball work


Ink ballpoint pen (rollerball)



Ink ballpoint pens work with ink like that used for fountain pens. For some models, standard ink cartridges can be used or a converter to draw the ink from a storage container. Like a ballpoint pen, a writing ball transports the ink onto the paper.



Ink ballpoint pen as a learning tool

For the learning to write phase, there are specially developed learning to write pens. Shopping check - pay attention to the following features and instructions:

  • The barrel and cap are made of wood. For those made of plastic, of course, recycled plastic or those made from renewable raw materials (bio-plastic) are advantageous. The proportion should be at least 65% based on the plastic parts.
  • high quality material for ball and ball holder e.g. tungsten cabid and stainless steel,
  • the cap is made safe, i.e. it prevents suffocation if swallowed = ventilated standard-compliant cap according to ISO 11 540 or BS 7272-1, or the cap diameter is simply larger than 16 mm,
  • the handle is age-appropriate and ergonomically shaped,
  • there is a name tag and an unwinding brake on the cap and barrel,
  • Standard cartridges or converters are suitable for refilling,
  • Also pay attention to the age information and whether it is a version for L = left-handed or R = right-handed. This should be visually recognizable, e.g. by means of color marking.

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