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Endurance test ranking: ranking list, reliable cars

Endurance test rating: This is how the failure points are awarded
Breakdown15 points of failure
Engine / transmission damage15 points of failure
Defective drive / functional parts5 points of failure
Additional short workshop visit3 points of failure
Additional workshop visit lasting several days5 points of failure
Defects and special work (radio / sat nav / liquids etc.)2 points of failure
Defective small parts (lamps etc)1 point of failure
Long-term quality (from dismantling)
Body (preservation, paint, carpets, cladding)0-5 failure points
Engine (power, leak tightness, deposits, tracks)0-5 failure points
Transmission (tightness, abrasion, condition, clutch)0-5 failure points
Exhaust system (condition, catalytic converter, suspension, shield plates)0-5 points of failure
Chassis (axles, suspension, steering, mounting)0-5 points of failure
Electrics (cables, plugs, control units, fuses)0-5 failure points
Everyday scoring / driving
Result from the entries in the logbook0-10 failure points
0 points 1+; 1–4 points 1; 5–8 points 1-; 9–12 points 2+; 13–16 points 2; 17-20 points 2-; 21–24 points 3+; 25–28 points 3; 29–32 points 3-; 33–36 points 4+; 37-40 points 4; 41-44 points 4-; 45–48 points 5+; 49–52 points 5; 53–56 points 5-; from 57 points 6.