How can I soften my mustache

Softening your beard: tips for hairy suppleness

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If a man lets nature run free, it rarely gives him a velvety pile on his face. Find out how to soften your beard here.

It all starts with proper beard care

Prick, itch, scratch: traits that every passionate beard wearer can sing a painful song about. Especially when kissing, man gets to hear from the world that the spiky facial hair is a real disruptive factor. The bad news: because of their diameter and length, stubble is inherently hard - unfortunately there is no magic cure for it. The good news: If the hair is longer than a millimeter, you can soften even a 3-day beard. Because the causes of thick, unruly and hard whiskers are often homemade.

In the course of their existence, whiskers increasingly lose moisture. The condition is made worse by drying silicones and alcohols, which are often contained in beard shampoo. Heat from a hair dryer or washing with hot water can also promote dryness. The result: split ends in the beard. Another reason for rough and wiry beard growth is incorrect or lack of care. Below are three measures to tame stubborn hair and at the same time to protect the skin underneath.

Beard oil application: That's how it works

Oil has been used as a natural care product for centuries to make hair smoother. The organic liquid also works wonders for face gold. Beard oil is best of all, of course, as it directly reaches the hair follicles, nourishes them and softens them from the inside out. Goodbye, dandruff, ciao brittle hair!

An important side effect: the moisturizing oil cares for the mostly neglected skin under the beard and thus also combats itching and irritation. Big effect, little effort: if you want to soften particularly short stubble, three to four drops are enough; if you wear a full beard, it can be a little more. Then distribute the oil evenly in the beard and massage the hair beautifully.

Tame a beard with the brush

The brush is one of the most important utensils of the cultivated beard bearer. Not only does it shape facial hair, men can also use it to distribute beard oil nicely. And - now it gets interesting - the brush stimulates the natural production of sebum, which ensures that the beard stays supple. Cheers to Mother Nature! But be careful: the scratchy bristles can put a lot of strain on the facial fur. So, don't fight fire with fire, but gently brush your beard with your brush. However, the bristly tool is unsuitable for 3-day beard care. Here the bristle would put too much strain on the partly unprotected skin - and there is really not much to brush with three millimeter long stubble anyway.

Beard shampoo against stubbornness

For head hair and a full beard - one detergent is enough, you think? Thought wrong! Because not all hair is created equal. They have different needs and characteristics. The ingredients in the care products are correspondingly specific. Many conventional shampoos remove the sebum from the hair. Nice for the otherwise greasy mane, bad for the facial hair, which becomes brittle and fragile. The other way around, you don't style your hairstyle with beard oil. So: Make the difference and use a beard shampoo or beard conditioner instead. Even better: make your own shampoo!

How to use: First moisten the beard well and clean it with warm water. Then distribute the shampoo evenly in the beard until you can pass as a St. Nicholas look-alike with all the foam. Let your work take effect for a minute and then rinse thoroughly. Now dry with a fresh towel - do not rub - and massage with beard oil. The supple, eye-catching beard is ready!

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