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UnionDepot correspondence - well informed all round

The custody documents for the annual financial statements will be sent to you automatically in January of the following year. If you manage your UnionDepot online, you will find the documents in your electronic mailbox at the beginning of January. As a UniProfiRente / 4P and UniProfiRente Select saver, you will receive the allowance application package for the Riester pension separately.

The billing
The last statement of the year contains all sales for which no statement has been made up to this point in time. In most cases, the annual custody fee, which was paid in December through the sale of fund units, is shown as sales.

The deposit statement
The deposit statement gives you a complete overview of all the funds that we hold for you in your UnionDepot, as well as the value of your fund investment as of December 31, 2018. The information texts provide you with important additional information, also with regard to special features that affect your UnionDepot. For example, we will ask you to check whether all the information is still correct. If you only have a capital-forming savings contract in your custody account, we will inform you about the carried forward custody fee, as this will only be debited in one sum at the end of the term.

You will always receive a deposit statement if you kept at least one sub-deposit in the past year.

The annual tax certificate
If there were tax-relevant bookings in the past year, we will issue you a tax certificate. You can see from the respective positions where exactly which value is to be entered in the "Appendix KAP", provided you submit a tax return. Further informational texts also provide information about the special features of the tax certificate.
The loss certificate as part of the tax certificate
Since the introduction of the flat rate withholding tax in UnionDepot, all investment income has been taken into account and offset in the so-called loss offsetting pot - including gains and losses on sales. The existing balance in the loss offsetting pot is carried over to the following year at the end of the year. Exception: You have applied for a certificate of the losses incurred by mid-December of each year. In this case, your loss offsetting pool will be set to zero. This can be advantageous, for example, if one of your bank details has made a profit and another has made a loss. Since there is no cross-institutional offsetting, you must submit an income tax return in such a case so that the losses can be taken into account for tax purposes in the same calendar year. If a loss has occurred, we will show this accordingly in the annual tax certificate.

The innovations on the tax certificate
Since January 1, 2018, new rules for the taxation of investment funds apply. The tax certificate has been adjusted accordingly. For example, you can now find information on the so-called existing shares. This includes all fund units that were acquired before January 1, 2009.
For these, the new rule applies that changes in value determined up to December 31, 2017 will also remain tax-free in the future if you sell them. However, future price gains, insofar as they originate from the performance since January 1, 2018, are taxable. To compensate for these taxable capital gains, there is a one-time exemption of 100,000 euros per customer. You can claim this on your tax return. If you have sold legacy shares in the certified calendar year, the corresponding profits / losses will be shown separately in the tax certificate.

Special features of third-party funds

With certain third-party funds, it is possible that not all data is available in good time before the annual financial statements are drawn up. In these cases, you will only receive the full tax certificate when we have all the data. We will inform you about this with the partial dispatch of the deposit statement.

More information about taxes can be found here.

UniProfiRente / 4P and UniProfiRente Select - certificate according to § 22 Income Tax Act
If you regularly receive payments from your pension plan or withdraw capital, we will issue you a certificate in accordance with Section 22 of the Income Tax Act. You must submit this with your tax return, as the sums received are taxable.

UniProfiRente / 4P and UniProfiRente Select - certificate according to Section 94 of the Income Tax Act
If you have terminated your old-age provision contract prematurely, the Central Subsidy Office for Retirement Assets (ZfA) will claim back the state allowance granted. We will show you the amounts claimed back and the income accrued up to the time of dissolution with this certificate.

The VL information
The VL-Information gives you an overview of the amount of the capital-building benefits paid in in the past year and informs you of the values ​​that Union Investment Service Bank AG (USB) has reported to the tax authorities. If you have objected to the transmission, USB will confirm that no message has been received. If you have waived the certificate in the past, you will not be notified, nor will you receive VL information.

Further information and sample documents for the custody documents for the annual financial statements.