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AIOps: Moogsoft on the way to the virtual network operations center

The AIOps platform from Moogsoft uses artificial intelligence algorithms to analyze events in IT environments to ensure that they operate correctly and that service level agreements are adhered to. The provider has now presented the new version Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0, which is intended to provide users with the full range of functions of a virtual Network Operations Center (NOC).

Global cooperation via Virtual NOC

Moogsoft wants to enable IT administrators, DevOps teams and site reliability managers to easily analyze alarms, logs, metrics and traces in order to find the causes of any incidents and fix them before they lead to major failures. With the Moogsoft Situation Rooms, a so-called Virtual NOC can be set up, in which team members work together on the incident management process, regardless of their global location, in order to diagnose and solve problems together.

In version 8.0 of Moogsoft Enterprise, some new functions and improvements are available. For example, the newly added Dynamic Topology Builder is intended to provide IT-Ops teams with deeper insights into the correlation processes on the basis of logical, virtual and physical relationships within the topology in order to be able to better assess and also visualize the influences and dependencies of different services on any incidents . In addition to this, the redesigned Alert Analyzer offers a configurable user interface (UI) for fine-tuning the alarm processing, which should allow anomalies to be identified more intuitively.

Improvements have also flowed into the workflow engine of the AIOps platform, which, among other things, should also contribute to a more intuitive operation of the various modules. Additional add-ons allow an extended connection of external process tools. For example, the Automate module of the Workflow Engine offers a closer link with Ansible and Puppet. With a view to simpler communication between the teams in the Situation Rooms, tools such as Slack, PagerDuty and xMatters should now be even easier to configure.

The blog post announcing the new version and the website for the AIOps platform provide a complete overview of all new features in Moogsoft Enterprise 8.0. The manufacturer intends to guarantee the availability of the update for the paid Enterprise version in the course of May. (map)

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