Why do I hate doing funny things

10 things you can do to make life more fun right away

Boredom? Does not matter. Self-help is the best help. This is how you can turn your life into a one-man Disneyland in no time at all. You only live once. And we want to fucking have fun there!

1. Your WiFi is called Multibox25493tj73? Yawn chicken! Better rename it! How about "Martin Router King", "Drug Detection Surveillance Van3", "RanchoRelaxo" or "PrettyFlyForAWifi"? You will be happy every time you dial in. And you also amuse your guests at the same time.

2. No matter how chic your outfit is: Put on stupid socks. Even if (in the best case) only you know about it: You immediately feel a lot funky.

3. Play an RPG with your partner without them knowing. Just imagine you're Coco Chanel, Hillary Clinton or the Katzenberger. Nothing is more fun than being completely unpredictable.

4. Play "If I were you" with friends or colleagues... The game comes from Joko and Klaas and can be played for a lifetime. Is like "truth or dare" without truth and seeeehhhhr funny (when you play it with shame-free people).

5. Write an anonymous love letter by in-house mail to a particularly arrogant colleague and the next day watch him go to the office / school / company

6. Cut the rules in your home by half. Nobody sticks to it anyway. And so you don't always have to complain so much. This not only makes life more fun for you, but also for everyone else.

7. Annoy humanity with a theme party. Everyone will hate you for it and then it will be a lot of fun. How about Venice 1770? Spice Girl or Karl Lagerfeld parties are less expensive.

8. If your darling doesn't pay attention to you take a blank lottery ticket, sit down with it in front of the TV, watch the program with the lottery numbers, get more and more nervous until you jump up at the additional number and yell “OH MY GOD!”. And then all your attention is yours.

9. If you have children or grandchildren between the ages of 3 and 10: Swap roles with them. Very funny because children take games like this very seriously! And being a child is very funny in and of itself!

10.Change your date of birth on facebook See you tomorrow and look forward to completely undeserved congratulations from people who hardly know you anyway. After all, luck can always be used! Even several times a year.