How can i lose weight and hips

Weight loss tips: How to lose weight successfully in old age

Lose weight is an issue at any age. More and more seniors want to lose extra pounds. But especially from the age of 60, many people find it particularly difficult to lose weight because the body changes. We provide you with simple weight loss tips that will help you achieve your comfortable weight.

Muscle mass shrinks and the percentage of fat increases

From the age of forty, the body begins to reduce its energy consumption. The basal metabolic rate drops, so the energy needs of seniors are significantly lower than those of people in their mid-30s. Despite a diet, you should still eat and not go hungry. Nutritionists suggest reducing calorie needs to 1,200 kcal a day. You can lose about a pound a week this way. However, you should not do without even more calories, as this can lead to deficiency symptoms. It is also not important how fast you lose weight, but that you lose weight at all.

Gentle exercise will help you lose weight

The muscle percentage also decreases - unless you take countermeasures with exercise. Movement is the most effective way to tone up after sixty. The big plus: When you are over 60, you usually have the greatest stress in your job and family behind you. Use the time to look for your own personal sport. Gentle, joint-friendly sports such as cycling, swimming or walking are best suited. However, you should avoid sweaty forest runs. If you have not exercised for a long time, you should be careful. It is best to have the doctor checked you out and start slowly so as not to harm your health. Light weight training, through which you build muscle mass, is also beneficial. Another side effect: By exercising more, you lower your blood pressure, relieve your metabolism and thus prevent cardiovascular diseases.

Check eating habits

In addition to exercise, you should also check your eating habits. Over the years, unhealthy habits that are not suitable for losing weight have likely crept in. Therefore, it is all the more important that you discover and change your dietary mistakes. For example, avoid greasy nibbles in front of the TV and use carrot sticks instead. This also applies to cooking: you should stick to vegetables, fruits, legumes and low-fat meat. Whether you prefer to save carbohydrates or fat is up to you, because both variants have done equally well in studies. Pay particular attention to the drinks: alcohol and sugary juices or soft drinks sit particularly easily on your hips.

Avoid snacks between meals

Another tip to lose weight is to take breaks between meals. Some experts still advise adding several snacks between meals. However, it is better if you do without the small snacks in between. There should be at least four hours between main meals. This is how the metabolism burns the most. Regular meals are important to avoid food cravings.

Too much belly fat is the greatest danger

Even if you don't have to be slim and slim at 60 as you were at 20, studies have shown that being overweight increases the risk of cardiovascular diseases and various types of cancer. The greatest health risk comes from belly fat: for example, it leads to high blood pressure and increases the risk of heart attacks. Women should aim for a waist circumference of a maximum of 88 centimeters and men of a maximum of 102 centimeters.

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