How long should I masturbate

Masturbation: why masturbation is so important

Masturbation is one of the last taboos. Masturbating is completely normal - and even healthy.

Masturbation is probably one of the last taboo topics when it comes to sex. Confessions such as "I like it a bit harder" or "A threesome is the ideal sex for me" are already quite easy on the lips of many Germans. But "I do it myself regularly" is actually never heard.

Masturbating: The Top Myths About Masturbating

Masturbation myths: masturbating gives you pimples and TBC

Presumably this is still due to the fact that masturbation was considered fornication well into the late 19th century. The consequences of "self-pollution" have been described by the churches and academia as terrible, ranging from pimples to blindness, softening of the brain, smallpox and tuberculosis (TB).

The discovery of bacteria and viruses freed masturbation from the suspicion of making you sick. However, the belief that it leads to blemished skin persisted for a long time - until the 1980s.

Masturbation is completely natural, normal and healthy

Masturbation is a natural thing. Numerous species of animals masturbate, including monkeys, dogs, bears, and even birds - males and females. In this way, biologists interpret, fertility is promoted. So masturbation is a kind of sex training.

For humans, too, masturbation is an important facet of love life. However, not only as training for sex for two, in order to be fit for reproduction at all times. Relaxation is the main motivation for masturbation. According to a Bonn study, around 90 percent of all men and 86 percent of women masturbate regularly.

Not only do singles lay hands on themselves, but also people who live in a partnership. A Hamburg study among students also revealed that more and more women masturbate. Their number has therefore increased by around 20 percent in the last 30 years.

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Masturbation: Solo sex with an orgasm guarantee

This result is not surprising. Studies show that young women in particular are more likely to reach orgasm with masturbation than with sexual intercourse, because the clitoris is hardly stimulated in the latter.

It is also clear that masturbation for men and women usually leads to climax with certainty. The explanation is simple: everyone knows about themselves what they like best, what particularly arouses them, in the interplay of thoughts and ideas as well as physical self-stimulation. Sex can be enjoyed in its simplest form without the pressure to perform, without the expectations of a partner.

How does masturbation work for women?

Sometimes just imagining a certain situation, looking at pictures or, above all, porn is enough to get aroused. This mental cinema plays a very important role in masturbation for women and men. In order to reach climax, the woman stimulates her vulva and especially the clitoris. Many also use sex toys such as a dildo or vibrator to increase the stimulus and imitate the penis in the vagina. Also popular are masturbation in the shower, riding on a rolled up towel, and the like.

Male masturbation: risk of auto-erotic accident

Men, on the other hand, usually satisfy themselves with their hands. Those who are particularly agile even manage to satisfy themselves orally (autofellatio). By contrast, few use solid, tubular objects as a vagina substitute. Because the risk of injury to the masturbation aids from the tool cupboard or cleaning room at home can be high, for example a penis fracture, in which the erectile tissue in the limb tear.

Around 100 men are said to even perish in risky techniques for masturbation every year in Germany. The cause of the auto-erotic accident, as is the technical term from forensic medicine, are constricting techniques, self-strangulation and massive intestinal and penile injuries.

How healthy is masturbation?

Against this background, the question arises whether masturbation is actually as healthy as the relevant media like to claim. The fact is that the number of auto-erotic accidents is negligible compared to the many millions of men and women who relax in this way. Studies of the health benefits of masturbation are few and sometimes contradicting.

For example, research has shown that masturbation lowers the risk of prostate cancer. Another study did not come to this conclusion. According to this, masturbation has no influence at all on the risk of cancer, but it does have a whole range of other positive effects on health. This is how masturbation can ...

  • activate the circulation

  • train the heart

  • relax both the brain and muscles

  • reduce stress

  • Make you happy: The hormones endorphin and oxytocin released during orgasm are real lucky charms, make you balanced and peaceful

  • get the production of sex hormones going: men produce more testosterone when masturbating, women more estrogen. The sex hormones keep you young and fit and are good for your beauty.

  • Eliminate pain: Headaches or cramps on your period can decrease through masturbation.

  • Ensure healthy sperm: If the epididymis are emptied regularly through masturbation, the sperm quality increases.

  • Strengthen the pelvic floor muscles: This not only improves the ability to orgasm, but also prevents urinary incontinence.

How important is masturbation for a fulfilling sex life?

If you learn through masturbation what is good for your body and how it reacts to certain stimuli during sex, you will have more fun in sex with your partner. can then be avoided as desired, the orgasm can be delayed and controlled more precisely.

How often can / should you masturbate?

There are no rigid rules. Some satisfy themselves briefly once a day, others once a week or even less often. To get the best health benefits from it, about twice a week is ideal. However, the same applies here: Do not practice masturbation like sport, do not put yourself under pressure, otherwise the desired positive effects will not occur anyway.

What about compulsive masturbation?

Usually the person concerned notices it himself when the frequency of masturbation becomes too high. Anyone who constantly thinks about having to masturbate and masturbates several times a day can assume that it is compulsive masturbation. Other signs:

  • guilty conscience because of the frequent masturbation

  • Missed appointments, preferred to masturbate

  • Masturbation determines the daily schedule.

It is usually based on a sex addiction. Research shows that sex addicts compulsively masturbate in addition to having sexual intercourse with a partner. Unlike people who only masturbate occasionally, they often use objects. Almost one in two men and one in three women who compulsively masturbate has injured themselves.

Masturbation and partnership - do they go together?

One does not exclude the other. If both partners make each other feel loved and valued, it shouldn't be a problem at all if they also occasionally masturbate. Jealousy only arises when there is no trust and uncertainty.

Here, masturbation plays a completely different role than sex with a partner. Masturbation means quick relaxation, the focus is only on your own feelings. Sex with a partner, on the other hand, is always a give and take, an adjustment to the other. And it usually takes longer before the orgasm occurs.

Virtual tutorial masturbation: cybersex in long-distance relationships

Some couples also build masturbation into their love play, showing the other what one reacts to particularly violently. If a couple is spatially separated, masturbation can play an important role: virtual sex can include, for example, using video telephony to satisfy oneself following the instructions of the other.

Are sick people allowed to masturbate?

Many people who are chronically ill or very old live alone. Despite their health problems, some have a need for sexuality. For them masturbation is an important outlet for relaxation and well-being. From a health point of view, masturbation is even recommended; even those with heart disease benefit. Orgasm activates the heart and circulation. The stress of masturbation, however, is hardly greater, even at the height of pleasure, than when taking a short walk or climbing stairs.