Is ReputationDefender worth the money

Contrary to the saying, it is often not at all uninhibited when the call is ruined. Because then the potential boss - who was still very enthusiastic about the applicant - probably discovered the embarrassing photos from the last bowling ride on the net. Or the dream woman, who just seemed close enough to touch, is suddenly gone again. Perhaps she read the ex-girlfriend's snappy comments on the Forsaken Forum. At this point the only thing left to do is try to save what can still be saved. Numerous offers have specialized in finding and removing negative reports for a fee. With free trial versions you can often try whether the online services really find more than free search engines - and are therefore worth the money.

Those who have already tested one of the offers mentioned are welcome to share their experiences in the comments.

The American service Attenalert offers the opportunity to follow online discussions about yourself or a specific product. Websites, news, blogs and videos are searched. All results can be subscribed to by email. With the free 7-day trial version you can search the web in detail. The service is then available for around 4.89 euros per month. However, you have to take care of deleting found data yourself.

Online reputation manager
The Online Reputation Manager from Great Britain also offers a search for selected keywords and people and also provides the results via RSS feed. The offer costs around six euros per month for private individuals. Before that, however, you can use the one-month trial version. However, the content is not deleted.

Reputation Defender
A German offer is the Reputation Defender. For 14.95 euros a month, this not only searches for content and presents the results in a monthly report, but also offers the customer advice on the content found. If desired, content can be removed from the network. That costs 29.95 per "Destroy".

A 30-day trial version is also available from ReputationHQ. According to its own information, the offer simply searches everything that is somehow buzzing through the net: From A for Amazon product reviews to W for Wikipedia. Search results can be saved, commented on and rated.

Your good reputation
A name that speaks for itself: Your good reputation takes care of the reputation of Internet users. A search is carried out for 9.95 euros per month; if desired, contributions for 24.95 euros per item can be removed. In addition, the service also advises parents on the subject of “children and the Internet” for a fee and creates online identity profiles for the little ones who surf the net carelessly.

Data guard protection
Finding and deleting data is also offered here under the somewhat strange name of (one-time fee of 19.95 euros for research, the same amount is due for deleting an article). In addition, evidence of legal disputes can be secured on request. The Google cache is also searched and the relevant data is removed.

Trackur is more suitable for companies than for private use. From around 14 euros per month (or 14-day trial version), the service creates a search profile for selected keywords. For example, if a customer's product is reported negatively, trackur will immediately notify him and he can take remedial action. In self-promotion, one prides itself above all on the speed that enables an immediate reaction.

Clean slate
The service of the same name from Berlin promises a clean slate. In particular, reputational damage and legal violations are to be found and combated with the help of the offer. Monthly reports provide information on the search results. Prices are only available on request.

Web reputation
The German webreputation offer is aimed primarily at commercial customers. The network is searched using keywords and changes are constantly monitored. It also helps to improve the reputation of customers in a targeted manner and to remove negative reports as far as possible. Here too, prices are only available on request.

StartPR describes itself as social media management. The network is searched using keywords. Results can be managed, commented on and rated by the user. Users can also network with one another. And the best thing is: it's all free!

In the third top list there will be even more examples of this kind of active work on one's own online reputation. Until then, it can be discussed: Is it worth investing in these "defenders"? Experience please!

Meike Ullrich

Meike discovered the digital potential for democracy while studying political science and tested the whole thing for several years in a public affairs and PR agency. She now works in the communications department of the Stiftung der Deutschen Wirtschaft, where she implements measures for various educational programs - digital and classic, but always on the lookout for new ideas and developments.

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