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Dr. Wolfgang Müllauer

I've been with Dr. Müllauer and I am very satisfied! Dr. Wolfgang Müllauer is an extremely competent and sensitive doctor, he takes a lot of time for his patients and answers every question in great detail. So far I haven't felt better cared for with any kind & besides, you can ask questions without hesitation (even if you find it ridiculous). His practice was almost always full when I was there, and even in times of stress the doctor was ALWAYS very friendly and competent, never stressed or simply tried to get rid of the patient quickly, on the contrary.
I can Dr. I can only recommend Wolfgang Müllauer and I am very happy to be with such a doctor!
Ps. It can happen that you sometimes have to wait 1 to 1 1/2 hours, but this waiting time is worthwhile for your treatment. And besides, it always depends on how many people are there at the moment, and he cannot determine that, since one is responsible for Dr. Wolfgang Müllauer does not need to make an appointment.
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