Food supplements help build muscle

What are the benefits of dietary supplements in sport?

Why do many people drink a protein shake after exercise and when are dietary supplements even useful? So that you can keep track of things, we'll answer all your questions about dietary supplements.

What are dietary supplements?

Food supplements, NEM for short, are also called supplements. As the name suggests, they are one Supplement to your diet. Each of us has a specific one Need for nutrients, such as at Vitamins,Proteins, or Minerals. This is individually and is influenced by many factors such as body size, gender or the amount of exercise.

Basically, you can cover your nutritional needs with a healthy and balanced diet. But especially if you regular exercise drift, your need increases of certain nutrients and it becomes more difficult to cover everything through diet. In this case, nutritional supplements can be a useful addition to your diet. Certain Dietary supplements for sports help you supply your body with sufficient nutrients and keep your performance level high.

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Dietary supplements in sports

Shakes, bars, capsules, powder - which dietary supplements are useful for you? To help you choose the right nutritional supplement for your sport, we will introduce you to various products and their functions.

Protein - for every sport

Protein is the English word for protein. As a dietary supplement, you can often find it in Powder form or as a bar. Protein powderis a protein powder that you can mix with milk or water to make a shake. Yours Muscles are mostly made up of proteins. Since you push your limits when exercising, your muscles are used quite a lot during exercise. In this case, a protein shake or bar can be a useful dietary supplement. By theextra protein do you support your muscle building or protect your muscles in a diet.

Aminos - for every sport

amino acids, aminos for short, are important Building blocks of your muscles. The most important amino acids for the muscles include all L-amino acids, i.e. L-leucine, L-isoleucine, L-valine, L-phenylalanine, L-tryptophan, L-methionine, L-lysine, L-threonine and L-tyrosine. Most aminos are available in powder form. Around no loss of performance in training you should always meet your amino acid needs. As a dietary supplement during exercise, you can take it during exercise. Simply dissolve a little powder in your drink and start right away!

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BCAAs - for casual and competitive sports

The name BCAA sounds chemical and strange at first. But BCAAs are nothing more than a Complete package of all essential amino acids. These include leucine, isoleucine, and valine. Your body cannot make these amino acids itself, so it has to ingested through food Need to become. BCAAs are available in powder or capsule form. This dietary supplement is particularly suitable for everyone when exercising Strength and endurance sports. But even if you are in Lots of exercise every day have or only play sports now and then, BCAAs can be a useful dietary supplement.


Is glutamine one of the most important amino acids for our body. Almost 60 percent of our muscles are made up ofL-glutamine. It can be useful to use glutamine as a dietary supplement in sports if you are a very intensive training with high physical stress perform. Because after you have used your muscles in sports, they need a certain amount of time to recover.


In principle, the body is able to adequately itselfL-carnitine to produce. L Carnitine is mainly taken in connection with the goal of reducing body fat. However, this effect has not yet been sufficiently proven scientifically.

Creatine - for sports with high performance requirements

Strength athletes, footballers, runners, swimmers - do you play a sport that demands the maximum of you? Then you can Creatine help to overcome your limits. You can find creatine in capsule or powder form. It helps you, yours Constantly improve speed and maximum strength values. This dietary supplement is therefore not only suitable for building muscle and mass. It also assists you in improving your Performance inSpeed ​​strength training.

ZN: MG - for every sport and in everyday life

Zinc gluconate and magnesium glycinate, ZN: MG for short, are two important micronutrients for your body. It comes to one defect, are Feeling tired or unable to concentrate possible consequences. By high training loads in sports you usually sweat a lot. It can happen that important minerals are lost, including zinc and magnesium. With ZN: MG as a dietary supplement in sports, you can increased need very easy cover.

Are you one demanding everyday life exposed to a healthy and balanced diet can quickly come up short. But when there is a lot going on in life, the last thing you need is concentration problems or fatigue. This can also be done in this case Supply of magnesium and zinc be useful about a dietary supplement.

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Which dietary supplements are recommended for women?

As a woman, are you afraid to use nutritional supplements in sports because you fear strong muscle growth? Do not worry! That women of nutritional supplements are great Muscle mountains get is pretty unlikely. Of course there are women who are very ambitious in terms of performance who train specifically for extreme muscle growth. But without such an intensive program, you don't need to fear excessive muscle growth. On the contrary: also female bodies benefit from a protein-rich diet! And just like men, your body needs it after an intense workout sufficient nutrientsto yourself to recover optimally. If you also want to reduce your body fat, protein shakes or protein bars are a delicious and muscle-protecting snack for in between.

You are still unsure? In ourSuccess story about Anna you can find out more about women and sports. Among other things, she'll tell you which ones Food supplements she in Sport and especially good in everyday life support.

Our conclusion

Dietary supplements in sports can be one helpful support be. Your need for certain nutrients increases, especially with regular intensive training. With dietary supplements you can cover the high need more easily and thus secure yourself a good one Basis for every sport.

  • Dietary supplements are not a substitute for a healthy and balanced diet.
  • Regular exercise increases your need for various nutrients. You can cover this increased need by taking dietary supplements, among other things.
  • Even as a woman, nutritional supplements can support you in sports.
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