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Translation of "a bottle of still water" in Italian

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But quiet waters are sometimes deep.
Silent Waters and two glasses of champagne.
You know what to do about quiet waters says ...
Certo che voi "acque chete"siete proprio, come si dice ...
I saw how Silent Waters stared at her in blessing the other day.
Ho visto che la Rossa Silenziosa le ha fatto un "tocca e guarda".
You are a silent Waters, Arthur.
Beauty like the calm of green valleys and still water.
I saw how Silent Waters stared at her in blessing the other day.
Ho visto che Zitta e Rossa le ha regalato - Unbelievable "tocco e sguardo".
How so? You should eat something other than your fingernails and silent Waters.
Pensavo che avesse bisogno di mangiare qualcosa, a parte le sue unghie e del tè freddo.
While I am talking about the quiet still water swam, I suddenly heard a loud noise.
E mentre continuavo a nuotare in quel paesaggio unreal, tutt'a un tratto sentii un rumore assordante.
she is a silent Watersbut she talks to me.
A bottle Blood wine against a bottle Whiskey.
It's always them still waterto keep an eye on.
quiet waters are deep - and stink!
Start a bottle with test substance, inoculum and sterilizing agent.
Preparazione di un recipiente contenente la sostanza da esaminare, l'inoculo e l'agente sterilizzante.
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