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Experience with CashPirate

Cashpirate can no longer be recommended as it makes purchases for third-party apps in the background!

For many today, the smartphone has long ceased to be just a communication device, but has also long been a work device. For some years now, there have been more and more apps that make it possible to quickly earn a few euros with a smartphone while on the move. After all, earning a little money with the app can never hurt. One of the apps that goes its own way here is CashPirate.

What does CashPirate do?

CashPirate helps app developers to make their apps better known. The flood of new apps in the app stores is huge, and many really good apps can hardly be found in the masses these days.

CashPirate's solution is to pay users to install and try out these apps. No more than installing is necessary. This alone increases the number of downloads for app developers enough to make the app more visible in the app stores. High download numbers ensure a better ranking. In some cases, however, the app must be actively used (i.e. tested) for at least 2 minutes.

In order to offer a few more earning opportunities, the CashPirate system also contains some promotional videos, for which you also receive remuneration for viewing. Some paid surveys are also always available for a fee.

CashPirate takes up the system of classic paid mailers (you pay for advertising) and takes it to the next level.

Alternative: answer opinion polls and earn money

Paid online surveys are surveys on various topics in which the opinion or preferences of the participants are asked. Since answering the questions takes time, the executing company will send acompensation offered. This is to compensate the participants' time spent answering the questions.

How does CashPirate work?

The procedure is quite simple. You install the CashPirate app, log in and you can start immediately. In some cases you get a starting credit of 500 points with certain promotional codes, but you have to have a corresponding code. Many codes are published on the internet. You can usually find them in appropriate forums, but also on websites where someone reports about CashPirate.

After registering, you can set a point target. CashPirate then always shows the current percentage of how much of the goal you have set yourself has already been achieved. This keeps you a little more motivated to continue using the app consistently.

After registering, you can immediately start installing apps and using points for them. Since the app developers are interested in having as many users as possible install the apps, there is no need to fight for apps. Every new user can install the tried and tested apps again and again, there is no pressure to compete with other users.

200 points are credited for some apps, but for most of them the remuneration is around 20 to 50 points per app. The points named at Cash Pirate Coins are worth 1 USD per 1,000 coins.

Another earning opportunity is through so-called referrals, in the classic way as with paid mailers. At CashPirate you receive 10% of the earnings of all referred friends and acquaintances.

A payout is only possible via a stored PayPal account, the payout limit is 2,500 points, which corresponds to € 2.50. According to the experiences of users, the payment is always made very quickly and very reliably.

How much can you earn with CashPirate?

The earning opportunities are naturally limited, due to the very low remuneration. In many cases, to earn a single euro, you often have to install 20-50 apps, which involves quite a bit of effort.

In addition, apps also take up storage space, so after installing them, all the previously installed apps are deleted again. Referalls will only make a tangible contribution to earnings in three-digit numbers.

If you have a lot of time, you can earn maybe 1 to 2 € a day. At least that seems realistic. The prerequisite for this is a smartphone with a correspondingly large amount of storage space so that you don't have to delete it in between.

Security concerns with CashPirate

Of course, you have to be aware that CashPirate monitors the installation of the apps in the background. Strictly speaking, a lot of what happens on the phone. This not only costs system performance, but can also feel uncomfortable for one or the other user. However, CashPirate has no other option to safely rule out fraud and fake installations.

The other thing that could make you a little questionable is that malware or spy software can easily land on your phone via the relatively unknown apps. Something like that cannot always be ruled out. Apps are also not checked for their function or for possible malware by CashPirate.


CashPirate is a nice little leisure activity that can actually yield a few euros a month with a lot of effort and a lot of storage space on the smartphone. One should be aware of the potential security risks.

So far, however, we have not heard any criticism of CashPirate. The app seems to be quite serious, also in view of the quite high number of users.

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