What are the different types of saxophones

3. Sizes

Soprano to baritone sizes are the most common. The high instruments, sopranino and soprano, are common both as straight instruments and in the curved shape.

Sopranino, soprano and alto saxophone

The most played saxophone is still the alto saxophone in Eb and therefore usually the cheapest. Saxophones belong to the so-called transposing instruments, which means that they play in different keys than the so-called C instruments such as piano, guitar, bass, flute, etc.

Tenor, baritone and bass saxophone

Saxophone in Bb means that if I touch a C on the instrument or have it in the notes, the tone Bb sounds on the piano, or on Eb saxophones the tone Eb sounds.

The range of the saxophones has expanded over time, so that most instruments have the fingered F sharp as the highest note (soprano today also up to high G). Baritone saxophones still have a semitone down and reach down to the low A (sounding C).

Virtuoso players today expand the range of the saxophone, which normally has two and a half octaves, to four octaves.