How do you measure triangulation

Laser triangulation / distance measurement / distance measurement

Schematic representation of the triangulation principle in the laser scanner

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>>Laser triangulation in a laser scanner

Function description

With the laser scanner, a line is projected onto the object to be measured using a corresponding lens. The diffusely reflected light is imaged on a CCD element via an objective. With this principle, the surface profile of the object to be measured relative to the scanner can be precisely determined. If the workpiece experiences constant movement (green arrow), a three-dimensional height profile is created.

Explanation of the individual elements:

  1. Laser module or laser diode
  2. Lens optics for generating and focusing a laser line
  3. Projection of the laser line on the measuring object
  4. lens
  5. CCD


  • Management tasks e.g. handling robots, welding head guidance

  • Control of gap dimensions e.g. in the automotive industry

  • Profile control in automated production

  • Completeness check

  • Acquisition of complex profiles

  • Surface control


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